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MCQ on Indian History

Q : He was born in 1817.
He was knighted in 1888.
He founded the Anglo-Oriental College at Aligarh.
He was a member of the Governor General's Executive Council.
Who was he?

Option-A : Badruddin Tyabji

Option-B : Aga Khan

Option-C : Syed Ahmed Khan

Option-D : Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

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Q : Which is the correct chronological order of the following ?
P: Cripps Mission
Q: Gandhi -Irwin Pact
R: Simon Commission
S: Partition of the country

Option-A : PQRS

Option-B : RPQS

Option-C : RQPS

Option-D : PRQS

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Q : The tribal rebellion against the British Known as Ulgulan was organised by

Option-A : Korra Mallya

Option-B : Ranade

Option-C : Birsa Munda

Option-D : Konda Dora

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Q : Why was the Simon Commission boycotted by the Congress ?

Option-A : As it did not include any representative of the Congress.

Option-B : As it included a member of the Muslim League.

Option-C : As it negated the claim of the Indians to determine their own constitution.

Option-D : As it was appointed one year before.

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Q : In the year 1912 the capital of India was shifted from Calcutta to :

Option-A : Delhi

Option-B : Bombay

Option-C : Madras

Option-D : Kanpur

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Q : Who introduced Rupee in India?

Option-A : Akbar

Option-B : Babur

Option-C : Lord Ripon

Option-D : Sher Shah Suri

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Q : Which one of the following began with Dandi March ?

Option-A : Home Rule Movement

Option-B : Non-Co-operation Movement

Option-C : Civil Disobedience Movement

Option-D : Quit India Movement

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Q : Khudiram Bose was associated with

Option-A : Anushilan Samiti

Option-B : Bengal volunteers

Option-C : Jugantar Dal

Option-D : Mitra-Mela

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Q : who established Depressed class league?

Option-A :Gandhiji

Option-B :B R Ambedkar

Option-C :Nehru

Option-D :Subhash

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Q : Who founded the Gadar Party in San Francisco in the USA ?

Option-A : Lala Hardayal

Option-B : Ajit Singh

Option-C : Lala Lajpat Rai

Option-D : P. Mitra

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