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MCQ on Phrasal verbs

Question : The prisoner _________ from his guards. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : broke off

Option-B : broke out

Option-C : broke forth

Option-D : broke away

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Question : After much effort he could tide over the crisis.

Option-A : Overcome

Option-B : Win over

Option-C : Defeat

Option-D : Enjoy

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Question : The secret information was ________ from me.

Option-A : held away

Option-B : held off

Option-C : held back

Option-D : held out

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Question : He _________ gardening in spite of the rain. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : carried out

Option-B : carried down

Option-C : carried on

Option-D : carried over

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Question : The proposal was REJECTED by the President of the meeting. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : turned up

Option-B : turned down

Option-C : called off

Option-D : none of the these

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Question : No one but his conscience advised him to come back to earth.

Option-A : return home

Option-B : return to earth

Option-C : return to reality

Option-D : be honest

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Question : Rita always sets her alarm so that she can _______ at 8 A.M.

Option-A : think over

Option-B : write down

Option-C : think through

Option-D : wake up

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Question : You read the letter repeatedly.

Option-A : pros and cons

Option-B : one and all

Option-C : time and again

Option-D : to and fro

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Question : Some interesting matters __________ in our discussion yesterday.

Option-A : came up

Option-B : got up

Option-C : came in

Option-D : came about

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Question : Her supporters began to _________ and she was left alone.

Option-A : fall over

Option-B : fall away

Option-C : fall off

Option-D : fall on

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