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MCQ on Phrasal verbs

Question : I cannot __________ the meaning of this verse. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : make of

Option-B : make out

Option-C : make for

Option-D : make up

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Question : Get out from here IMMEDIATELY. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : at once

Option-B : all on a sudden

Option-C : by all means

Option-D : at large

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Question : Peter _______ at seven o'clock.

Option-A :goes up

Option-B :gets

Option-C :gets up

Option-D :wakes

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Question : When teacher requested students to clean the blackboard, Sarita immediately replied " Do not stare at me".

What is meaning of stare ?

Option-A :look

Option-B :request

Option-C :order

Option-D :impose

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Question : She gave up the job after getting married.

Option-A : abandoned

Option-B : joined

Option-C : started doing

Option-D : none of these

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Question : The prisoner who escaped from the prison is FREE.(Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : at by

Option-B : at large

Option-C : at length

Option-D : at hand

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Question : I cannot <>put up with that nasty fellow.

Option-A : appreciate

Option-B : endure

Option-C : control

Option-D : forgive

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Question : By his virtuous life, he has made amends for his past actions.

Option-A : repented for

Option-B : compensated for

Option-C : forgotten about

Option-D : none of these

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Question : He broke down in the middle of his speech.

Option-A : laughed

Option-B : enjoyed

Option-C : failed

Option-D : giggled

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Question : You should ________ your bad habit of smoking.

Option-A : get down

Option-B : give in

Option-C : give up

Option-D : go up

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