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MCQ on Phrasal verbs

Question : No one but his conscience advised him to come back to earth.

Option-A : return home

Option-B : return to earth

Option-C : return to reality

Option-D : be honest

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Question : You should ________ your bad habit of smoking.

Option-A : get down

Option-B : give in

Option-C : give up

Option-D : go up

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Question : She tries very hard to keep up with her rich neighbours.

Option-A : to imitate

Option-B : to keep touch

Option-C : to avoid

Option-D : to be on par

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Question : One must CONTINUE study to shine in life.

Option-A : carry out

Option-B : carry down

Option-C : carry on

Option-D : none of these

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Question : "Call up" means:

Option-A : recollect

Option-B : anticipate

Option-C : befriend

Option-D : invite

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Question : I cannot __________ the meaning of this verse. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : make of

Option-B : make out

Option-C : make for

Option-D : make up

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Question : The old man __________ without any trouble last night.

Option-A : passed away

Option-B : passed for

Option-C : passed by

Option-D : passed out

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Question : His folly has brought about his ruin.

Option-A : frustrated

Option-B : caused

Option-C : disappointment

Option-D : confirmed

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Question : The army had to YIELD to the advancing enemy. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : give in

Option-B : break upon

Option-C : welcome

Option-D : break to

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Question : The patient will __________ soon.

Option-A : come of

Option-B : come off

Option-C : come down

Option-D : come round

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