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Important Days and Dates and Years MCQ

Q: World Cancer Day is observed across the world on:

Option-A: 10th January

Option-B: 4th February

Option-C: 5th June

Option-D: 15th July

Correct Option: B  [ 4th February ]


Q: Whose birthday is observed as 'Engineers Day' in India ?

Option-A: H J Bhabha

Option-B: Vikram Sarabhai

Option-C: M Visvesvaraya

Option-D: Satish Dhawan

Correct Option: C  [ M Visvesvaraya ]

15 September

Q: International Day of Peace declared by the United Nation is celebrated on:

Option-A: 11th September

Option-B: 21st September

Option-C: 5th June

Option-D: 25th June

Correct Option: B  [ 21st September ]


Q: Human Rights Day observed on:

Option-A: 10 March

Option-B: 10 May

Option-C: 10 September

Option-D: 10 December

Correct Option: D  [ 10 December ]


Q: The National Green Tribunal was established in India in:

Option-A: 2009

Option-B: 2010

Option-C: 2011

Option-D: 2012

Correct Option: B  [ 2010 ]


Q: International Day of the Tropics is observed every year on:

Option-A: 23 March

Option-B: 26 June

Option-C: 22 September

Option-D: 29 June

Correct Option: D  [ 29 June ]


Q: World Youth Skills Day is observed on:

Option-A: 13th July

Option-B: 14th July

Option-C: 15th July

Option-D: 16th July

Correct Option: C  [ 15th July ]


Q: Teacher's Day is observed every year in India on:

Option-A: September, 5

Option-B: October, 2

Option-C: November, 6

Option-D: December, 25

Correct Option: A  [ September, 5 ]


Q: The Human Development Index was first introduced in the year:

Option-A: 1980

Option-B: 1990

Option-C: 1995

Option-D: 2000

Correct Option: B  [ 1990 ]


Q: 8th March is observed as:

Option-A: World Environment Day

Option-B: International Women's Day

Option-C: World Literacy Day

Option-D: World Food Day

Correct Option: B  [ International Women's Day ]