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MCQ on Tripura Geography

Question : The only district of Tripura to have international border and border with two states of India is:

Option-A : Unakoti

Option-B : Dhalai

Option-C : North Tripura

Option-D : Khowai

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Question : What are Hiknanani and Kaizagnani in the tribal society ?

Option-A : Marriage customs

Option-B : Gods and Goddesses

Option-C : Types of houses

Option-D : Types of dresses

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Question : Where is the modern Psychiatric Hospital of Tripura Located?

Option-A : Arundhutinagar

Option-B : Narsingarh

Option-C : Hapania

Option-D : None of these

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Question : This Puja is performed within a specially marked boundary to ward off all dangers. Name it.

Option-A : Garia

Option-B : Ganga

Option-C : Kharchi

Option-D : Ker

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Question : Which of the following is not the district of Tripura ?

Option-A : Dhalai

Option-B : Sipahijala

Option-C : Champhai

Option-D : Unkoti

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Question : Tripura is primarily :

Option-A : An agrarian economy

Option-B : Rubber economy

Option-C : Tourism based economy

Option-D : Gas and natural resources based economy

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Question : The nature of soils of Tripura is mainly:

Option-A : basic

Option-B : neutral

Option-C : acidic

Option-D : None of these

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Question : Which river separates Bangladesh from Tripura ?

Option-A : Fenni

Option-B : Juri

Option-C : Longai

Option-D : Deo

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Question : Bambo is used as raw material in :

Option-A : Agarbatti industry

Option-B : Jute industry

Option-C : Silk industry

Option-D : Sugar industry

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Question : Which soil covers the maximum area of Tripura ?

Option-A : Alfisol

Option-B : Inceptisol

Option-C : Histosol

Option-D : Entisol

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