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MCQ on Tripura Geography

Question : River Manu of Tripura is originating from which of the following hills ?

Option-A : Sakhan Hills

Option-B : Longtharai Hills

Option-C : Debtamura Hills

Option-D : None of these

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Question : The barrage under Manu Medium Irrigation scheme is located at :

Option-A : Nalkata

Option-B : Kumarghat

Option-C : Teliamura

Option-D : Kailasahar

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Question : What is the number of ST community in Tripura?

Option-A :20

Option-B :18

Option-C :19

Option-D :23

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Question : 'Maimita' a folk tribal dance from Tripura, is related to :

Option-A : Harvesting festival

Option-B : Driving away of insect from paddy fields

Option-C : Coronation of Maharaja

Option-D : Hunting of deer

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Question : The nature of soils of Tripura is mainly:

Option-A : basic

Option-B : neutral

Option-C : acidic

Option-D : None of these

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Question : Tripura is top of which of the following ?

Option-A : Apple

Option-B : Pepper

Option-C : Mango

Option-D : Natural Rubber

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Question : Where in Tripura are found plaques with depiction of stupa and relics of Buddhist creed ?

Option-A : Kamalasagar

Option-B : Pilak

Option-C : Kasba

Option-D : Melaghar

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Question : Which of the following National Highways connects Sabroom and Churaibari ?

Option-A : NH-108

Option-B : NH- 208

Option-C : NH- 8

Option-D : NH- 44A

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Question : Where is the Botanical Garden of Tripura situated?

Option-A : Sepahijala

Option-B : Trishna

Option-C : Toua

Option-D : Gumoti

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Question : The archaeological site of Pilak is situated near :

Option-A : Bishalgarh

Option-B : Jolaibari

Option-C : Kailasahar

Option-D : Dharmanagar

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