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MCQ on Tripura Geography

Question : Agartala in Tripura is located at following latitude and longitude:

Option-A : 23.8315°N & 91.2868°E

Option-B : 23.8789°N & 92.8976°E

Option-C : 24.8333°N & 92.7789°E

Option-D : None of these

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Question : The only district of Tripura to have international border and border with two states of India is:

Option-A : Unakoti

Option-B : Dhalai

Option-C : North Tripura

Option-D : Khowai

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Question : The length of 'Howrah' river in Tripura is:

Option-A :53 km

Option-B :132 km

Option-C :133 km

Option-D :58 km

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Question : What is the source of River Manu?

Option-A :Sakhan

Option-B :Atharamura

Option-C :Longtarai

Option-D :Devtamura

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Question : Bambo is used as raw material in :

Option-A : Agarbatti industry

Option-B : Jute industry

Option-C : Silk industry

Option-D : Sugar industry

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Question : Tripura is top of which of the following ?

Option-A : Apple

Option-B : Pepper

Option-C : Mango

Option-D : Natural Rubber

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Question : Which of the following thermal power project of Tripura supplying 100 MW of power to Bangladesh with bilateral ties ?

Option-A : NEEPCO, Rarnchandra Nagag Near Agartala

Option-B : NEEPCO, Monarchak, Sonamura

Option-C : OTPC, Palatana

Option-D : None of these

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Question : The type of the soil of lungas of Tripura is :

Option-A : Neutral

Option-B : Basic

Option-C : Acidic

Option-D : Laterite

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Question : Which river forms the Tripura-Mizoram border?

Option-A : Fenny

Option-B : Gumti

Option-C : Deo

Option-D : Longai

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Question : Which is the longest river of Tripura?

Option-A :Khowai

Option-B :Howrah

Option-C :Manu

Option-D :Juri

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