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MCQ on North East India

Q : Pani Dihing birds Sanctuary is located in which of the following states of India?

Option-A : Assam

Option-B : Tripura

Option-C : Manipur

Option-D : Sikkim

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Q : The headquarters of North East Frontier Railway is situated at :

Option-A : Guwahati

Option-B : Shillong

Option-C : Silchar

Option-D : New-Jalpaiguri

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Q : Name the person who has been awarded Padma Shri 2017 in the field of Science and Technology from Assam ?

Option-A : Prof. Ajoy Kumar Ray

Option-B : Eli Ahmed

Option-C : Jitendra Nath Goswami

Option-D : Asoke Kumar Bhattacharyya

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Q : 'NERIST', located at Arunachal Pradesh, is an institute, related to

Option-A : Medical Science

Option-B : Commerce and Management

Option-C : Engineering Science

Option-D : All of these

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Q : Cheraw is a famous folk dance of:

Option-A : Mizoram

Option-B : Assam

Option-C : Sikkim

Option-D : Arunachal Pradesh

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Q : In which year Tocklai Tea Research Institute was established in Assam?

Option-A : 1922

Option-B : 1933

Option-C : 1911

Option-D : none of these

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Q : Who was the First CM Of Mizoram?

Option-A : C. Chhunga

Option-B : T. Sailo

Option-C : Lal Thanhawla

Option-D : None of Them

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Q : Previous name of which Northeast State known as NEFA.

Option-A :Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B :Sikkim

Option-C :Mizoram

Option-D :Manipur

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Q : Which of the following is State bird of Tripura?

Option-A : Green imperial pigeon

Option-B : Emeraled dove

Option-C : Hill myna

Option-D : None of these

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Q : On which river is the Khandong Dam built?

Option-A : Barak

Option-B : Kopili

Option-C : myntdu

Option-D : someshwari

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