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MCQ on North East India

Q : The single most important resource in Tripura is:

Option-A : Glass sand

Option-B : Hard rock

Option-C : Oil and natural gas

Option-D : Plastic clay

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Q : Which person from North East state first got Dada Saheb Falke award:

Option-A : Bhupen Hazarika

Option-B : Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Option-C : Satyajit Ray

Option-D : None of them

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Q : 'Sainik School' in Assam is located at

Option-A : Tinsukia

Option-B : Goalpara

Option-C : Jorhat

Option-D : Nunmati

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Q : The Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary is located at?

Option-A : Assam

Option-B : Tripura

Option-C : Nagaland

Option-D : Mizoram

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Q : In which North Eastern states, the largest number of languages are spoken by the inhabitants?

Option-A :Mizoram

Option-B : Assam

Option-C :Meghalaya

Option-D :Anurachal Pradesh

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Q : Longest river in Assam is

Option-A : Barak

Option-B : Brahmaputra

Option-C : Disang

Option-D : None of these

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Q : Cheraw is a famous folk dance of:

Option-A : Mizoram

Option-B : Assam

Option-C : Sikkim

Option-D : Arunachal Pradesh

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Q : Nagaland share its international border with :

Option-A : China

Option-B : Myanmar

Option-C : Nepal

Option-D : Bangladesh

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Q : What is the historic name of Mizoram ?

Option-A : Garo hills

Option-B : Lushai hills

Option-C : Chingai hills

Option-D : Khasi hills

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Q : Heritage power project, Sonapani mini-Hydel Power Project is located in which State ?

Option-A : Meghalaya

Option-B : Mizoram

Option-C : Nagaland

Option-D : Arunachal Pradesh

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