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MCQ on North East India

Q : Heritage power project, Sonapani mini-Hydel Power Project is located in which State ?

Option-A : Meghalaya

Option-B : Mizoram

Option-C : Nagaland

Option-D : Arunachal Pradesh

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Q : To increase the financial and executive powers of the 10 Autonomous Councils in the Sixth Schedule areas of the North-Eastern Region the Government of India had introduced the:

Option-A : 124th Constitutional Amendment Bill

Option-B : 125th Constitutional Amendment Bill

Option-C : 126th Constitutional Amendment Bill

Option-D : None of the above

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Q : Consider the following pairs:

1. Dampa Tiger Reserve : Mizoram
2. Rowa wildlife Sanctuary : Tripura
3. Loktak : Nagaland

Which of the above pairs is/are correctly matched?

Option-A : 1 only

Option-B : 2 and 3 only

Option-C : 1 and 2 only

Option-D : 1, 2 and 3

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Q : The official language of Arunachal Pradesh is:

Option-A : Assamese

Option-B : Manipuri

Option-C : Bengali (Bangla)

Option-D : English

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Q : State bird of manipur is

Option-A : Nongin

Option-B : Peacock

Option-C : Koel

Option-D : none of these

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Q : Entry to ___________ require Inner Line Permit for outsiders of the state.

Option-A :Sikkim

Option-B :Arunachal Pradesh

Option-C :Meghalaya

Option-D :Manipur

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Q : Which one of the following states was formed in the year 1987?

Option-A : Meghalaya

Option-B : Tripura

Option-C : Mizoram

Option-D : Manipur

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Q : 'Lai Haroaba' is the traditional

Option-A : Manipuri dance

Option-B : Naga dance

Option-C : Assamese dance

Option-D : Mizo dance

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Q : Who was the first Chief Minister of Assam?

Option-A : Bishnu Ram Medhi

Option-B : Gopinath Bordoloi

Option-C : Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

Option-D : Golap Borbora

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Q : Sualkuchi in Assam famous for :

Option-A : Silk industry

Option-B : Coal

Option-C : Petroleum

Option-D : Leather industry

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