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MCQ on Idioms and Phrases

Question : A damp squib

Option-A : rainy weather

Option-B : a disappointing result

Option-C : a skirt in a laundry

Option-D : Great honour

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Question : The question of abolition of private property is still a moot point.

Option-A : unknown

Option-B : undecided

Option-C : not clear

Option-D : uncertain

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Question : With the existing management the future of the company is in doldrums.

Option-A : dull

Option-B : bright

Option-C : uncertain

Option-D : secure

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Question : To be fair and square

Option-A : worthy

Option-B : honest

Option-C : successful

Option-D : obedient

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Question : In life, we have to take the rough with the smooth.

Option-A : be tough in order to be successful

Option-B : use pleasant words to make things smooth

Option-C : accept unpleasant as well as pleasant things

Option-D : make unpleasant things better

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Question : The representatives of the two states tried to enforce a treaty which was a dead letter.

Option-A : not well-thought out

Option-B : no longer in force

Option-C : no longer relevant

Option-D : not in keeping with the changing times.

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Question : It is bad to try to fish in troubled waters.

Option-A : fish in hot weather.

Option-B : catch fish in disturbed waters.

Option-C : make a profit out of a disturbance.

Option-D : go for fishing and cause trouble.

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Question : A good teacher should have the gift of the gab.

Option-A : a good personality

Option-B : a talent for acting

Option-C : a talent for speaking

Option-D : an interest in discipline

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Question : For the first week, the apprentice felt like fish out of water.

Option-A : frustrated

Option-B : homeless

Option-C : disappointed

Option-D : uncomfortable

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Question : He does not like to be friendly with Sarita, he always gives her a cold shoulder.

Option-A : Pushes her with his shoulder whenever they meet

Option-B : Creates all sorts of troubles for her

Option-C : Insults her in the presence of others

Option-D : Tries to be unfriendly by taking no notice of her

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