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MCQ on Idioms and Phrases

Question : The idiomatic expression 'see eye to eye' means

Option-A : agree with someone

Option-B : to remain neutral

Option-C : to take over (something)

Option-D : to enjoy the best of both

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Question : She exhibited remarkable sang froid during the crisis.

Option-A : temper

Option-B : irritation

Option-C : composure

Option-D : angry

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Question : It was such a strange affair that I could make head or tail of it.

Option-A : face it

Option-B : tolerate it

Option-C : remember it

Option-D : understand it

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Question : The boy took to his heels after stealing some money.

Option-A : jumped up

Option-B : hurt himself

Option-C : ran away

Option-D : fell down

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Question : To bite the dust

Option-A : eat voraciously

Option-B : have nothing to eat

Option-C : eat roots

Option-D : to fail

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Question : The police looked all over for him but drew a blank.

Option-A : did not find him

Option-B : put him in prison

Option-C : arrested him

Option-D : took him to court

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Question : The boss brought matters to a head by forcing him to work more.

Option-A : made him happy

Option-B : created a lot of unhappiness

Option-C : created an atmosphere of confrontation

Option-D : brought matters to a decisive

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Question : I did not know that he was pulling my leg all the time.

Option-A : befooling me

Option-B : degrading me

Option-C : defaming me

Option-D : complimenting me

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Question : A damp squib

Option-A : rainy weather

Option-B : a disappointing result

Option-C : a skirt in a laundry

Option-D : Great honour

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Question : His promotion is on the cards.

Option-A : due

Option-B : evident

Option-C : certain

Option-D : probable

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