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MCQ on Idioms and Phrases

My father strained every nerve to enable me to get settled in life.

  • worked very hard
  • spent a huge amount
  • tried all tricks
  • bribed several person
  • Correct Option: A  [ worked very hard ]


He was out of spirits for a few days after his defeat.

  • gloomy
  • sober
  • lifeless
  • uninvolved
  • Correct Option: A  [ gloomy ]


The idiomatic expression 'see eye to eye' means

  • agree with someone
  • to remain neutral
  • to take over (something)
  • to enjoy the best of both
  • Correct Option: A  [ agree with someone ]


It is bad to try to fish in troubled waters.

  • fish in hot weather.
  • catch fish in disturbed waters.
  • make a profit out of a disturbance.
  • go for fishing and cause trouble.
  • Correct Option: C  [ make a profit out of a disturbance. ]


Believe me, I am all at sea.

  • out ofreach
  • very happy
  • puzzled
  • drowning
  • Correct Option: C  [ puzzled ]


He had to pay through the nose for his new computer.

  • pay very high price
  • very cheap
  • moderate rate
  • profitable rate
  • Correct Option: A  [ pay very high price ]

    Remark: through the nose: pay much more than a fair price.

To murder in "cold blood", it means to murder:

  • coolly
  • unfeelingly
  • thoughtlessly
  • deliberately
  • Correct Option: B  [ unfeelingly ]


His oily tongue has won him promotion.

  • soft speech
  • word power
  • flattery
  • fluency in speech
  • Correct Option: C  [ flattery ]


A bolt from the blue

  • a delayed event
  • an inexplicable event
  • an unexpected event
  • an unpleasant event
  • Correct Option: C  [ an unexpected event ]


He is ill at ease in his new position.

  • not comfortable
  • feeling sad
  • angry
  • callous
  • Correct Option: A  [ not comfortable ]

    Remark: ill at ease: awkward, uneasy, uncomfortable

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