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MCQ on Idioms and Phrases

Question : His promotion is on the cards.

Option-A : due

Option-B : evident

Option-C : certain

Option-D : probable

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Question : No one dare call in question his honesty.

Option-A : Honesty of purpose

Option-B : Test

Option-C : Flatter

Option-D : Challange

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Question : It is known that he is a man of straw.

Option-A : a generous man

Option-B : a man of no substance

Option-C : a man without means

Option-D : a man of character

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Question : His investments helped him make a killing in the stock market.

Option-A : lose money quickly

Option-B : plan a murder quickly

Option-C : murder someone quickly

Option-D : make money quickly

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Question : I am all at sea.

Option-A : out of reach

Option-B : very happy

Option-C : puzzled

Option-D : drowning

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Question : A damp squib

Option-A : rainy weather

Option-B : a disappointing result

Option-C : a skirt in a laundry

Option-D : Great honour

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Question : Those persons who are ready to sail close to the wind can be successful in life.

Option-A : to take risk

Option-B : to manage the situation

Option-C : to work hard

Option-D : to be regular

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Question : Though he has a lot of money, yet all his plans are built upon sand.

Option-A : based on inexperience

Option-B : resting on immature ideas

Option-C : resting on cheap material

Option-D : established on insecure foundations

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Question : The boss brought matters to a head by forcing him to work more.

Option-A : made him happy

Option-B : created a lot of unhappiness

Option-C : created an atmosphere of confrontation

Option-D : brought matters to a decisive

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Question : He was out of spirits for a few days after his defeat.

Option-A : gloomy

Option-B : sober

Option-C : lifeless

Option-D : uninvolved

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