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MCQ on Idioms and Phrases

Question : Take Cat out of the bag

Option-A : to rebuke

Option-B : to defame someone

Option-C : to reveal a secret

Option-D : to sell a pet

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Question : The MP from our constituency is fond of blowing his own trumpet whenever he gets a chance.

Option-A : parading his own good deeds

Option-B : speaking too loudly

Option-C : looking after his own interest

Option-D : making long speeches

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Question : For the first week, the apprentice felt like fish out of water.

Option-A : frustrated

Option-B : homeless

Option-C : disappointed

Option-D : uncomfortable

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Question : Discipline is on the wane in school and colleges these days.

Option-A : increasing

Option-B : declining

Option-C : spreading

Option-D : spiralling

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Question : The police fired at random at the violent crowd and several person lost their lives.

Option-A : pointedly

Option-B : aimlessly

Option-C : willingly

Option-D : intentionally

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Question : Her fame spread far and wide because she was a talented singer.

Option-A : Her fame grew

Option-B : Her fame lessened

Option-C : Her fame ended

Option-D : Her fame began

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Question : A good teacher should have the gift of the gab.

Option-A : a good personality

Option-B : a talent for acting

Option-C : a talent for speaking

Option-D : an interest in discipline

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Question : He is a dark horse.

Option-A : silent

Option-B : secretive

Option-C : dangerous

Option-D : possessing a secret ability.

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Question : Though he has a lot of money, yet all his plans are built upon sand.

Option-A : based on inexperience

Option-B : resting on immature ideas

Option-C : resting on cheap material

Option-D : established on insecure foundations

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Question : Thousands put on a daily fight to keep the wolf from the door.

Option-A : avoid starvation

Option-B : guard from pickpockets

Option-C : ward off mosquitoes

Option-D : keep oneself healthy

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