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English Grammar MCQs

Q: Dying without making a will

Option-A: Premature

Option-B: Intestate

Option-C: Posthumous

Option-D: Omniscient

Correct Option: B  [ Intestate ]


Q: Indiscriminate (Find Synonym)

Option-A: Undifferentiated

Option-B: Instant

Option-C: Sensible

Option-D: Discreet

Correct Option: A  [ Undifferentiated ]


Q: CANDOR (find synonym)

Option-A: Generous

Option-B: Falsifier

Option-C: Rough

Option-D: Truthfulness

Correct Option: D  [ Truthfulness ]


Q: Does the old lady object _______ my smoking cigarettes?

Option-A: on

Option-B: to

Option-C: of

Option-D: for

Correct Option: B  [ to ]


Q: Find the incorrect (Wrong) sentence.

Option-A: One should keep his promise.

Option-B: Beena and I work in the same office.

Option-C: This the best film I have ever seen.

Option-D: None of these.

Correct Option: A  [ One should keep his promise. ]

uses of "his" is a gender-specific pronoun. To make the sentence gender-neutral and more inclusive, use "one's" instead of "his".
correct sentence: One should keep one's promise.

Q: Impertinent (Find Antonym)

Option-A: Insolent

Option-B: Impudent

Option-C: Cheeky

Option-D: Courteous

Correct Option: D  [ Courteous ]


Q: Official in-charge of a museum :

Option-A: Curator

Option-B: Administrator

Option-C: Dean

Option-D: Supervisor

Correct Option: A  [ Curator ]


Q: Annexure (Find Synonym)

Option-A: Retirement

Option-B: Commencement

Option-C: Attachment

Option-D: Development

Correct Option: C  [ Attachment ]


Q: No one dare call in question his honesty.

Option-A: Honesty of purpose

Option-B: Test

Option-C: Flatter

Option-D: Challange

Correct Option: D  [ Challange ]


Q: To look at someone in an angry or threatening way

Option-A: Glower

Option-B: Gnaw

Option-C: Gnash

Option-D: Grind

Correct Option: A  [ Glower ]