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English Grammar MCQ Questions

Question : He received COMPLIMENT for his social work. (Synonym)

Option-A : praise

Option-B : criticism

Option-C : punishment

Option-D : insult

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Question : He _________ gardening in spite of the rain. (Phrasal verbs)

Option-A : carried out

Option-B : carried down

Option-C : carried on

Option-D : carried over

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Question : My cousin is now a student at _________ Michigan University. (appropriate article)

Option-A : a

Option-B : an

Option-C : the

Option-D : Zero article

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Question : My friend stood ________ me during my misfortune.

Option-A :in

Option-B :to

Option-C :by

Option-D :with

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Question : India helped Bangladesh in her LIBERATION war against Pakistan. ( Find synonym)

Option-A : Bondage

Option-B : Freedon

Option-C : Subjugation

Option-D : Occupation

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Question : The cruel man ABANDONED his wife and children. (find synonym)

Option-A : Deserted

Option-B : Supported

Option-C : Loved

Option-D : Maintained

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Question : London is on _________ Thames..

Option-A : An

Option-B : A

Option-C : The

Option-D : No article is needed

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Question : Find appropriate Phrasal verb for "postpone"

Option-A : Hold over

Option-B :Keep off

Option-C :Look on

Option-D :Hold about

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Question : The cat was run ________ by a car.

Option-A : over

Option-B : to

Option-C : for

Option-D : at

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Question : BENIGN (find opposite)

Option-A : Malevolent

Option-B : Friendly

Option-C : Unwise

Option-D : Soft

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