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This Question Bank is consisting of various old questions asked on Constitution of India in the several TPSC conducted Examinations.

Constitution Question Bank

Total Q & A= 154
Q. No. : 1171
Question : The first state in India which was created on linguistic basis :

Answer :Andra Pradesh

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Q. No. : 924
Question : We borrowed the concept of 'Directive Principles of the State Policy' from the Constitution of ?

Answer : Ireland

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Q. No. : 98
Question : The constitution of India came into force on

Answer :26th January, 1950.

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Q. No. : 595
Question : Which article of the Constitution makes it oligatory for the Prime Minister to communicate to the President of India all the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers relating to the administration of the affairs of the Union ?

Answer : Article 78

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Q. No. : 1545
Question : How many Fundamental Duties are mentioned in Indian constitution?

Answer : Eleven

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Q. No. : 1546
Question : Part IV of constitution of India deals with which of the following?

Answer : Directive Principles of State Policy

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Q. No. : 992
Question : Which Article of the Constitution empowers the Parliaments to create new states, alter their boundaries, even their names ?

Answer : Article- 3

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Q. No. : 857
Question : Article 14 of the Constitution of India guarantees equality before law and equal protection of law to :

Answer : all persons living within the territory of India

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Q. No. : 890
Question : The Finance Commission is appointed by the President of India for a tenure of :

Answer : 5 years

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Q. No. : 493
Question : Provision for reservation of seats for the S/C and S/T in the Lok Sabha (House of People) has been laid down in :

Answer : Article 330 of the constitution of India

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