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MCQ on Constitution of India and Indian Polity

Question : Which article of the Constitution makes it oligatory for the Prime Minister to communicate to the President of India all the decisions taken by the Council of Ministers relating to the administration of the affairs of the Union ?

Option-A : Article 52

Option-B : Article 74

Option-C : Article 75

Option-D : Article 78

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Question : What is the minimum age to become a Rajya Sabha member?

Option-A : 25 Years

Option-B : 18 Years

Option-C : 21 Years

Option-D : 30 Years

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Question : Which of the following is not a Fundamental Right ?

Option-A : Right to property

Option-B : Right against exploitation

Option-C : Right to equality

Option-D : Right to freedom of religion

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Question : The constitution of India came into force on

Option-A :26th August, 1950.

Option-B :26th January, 1947.

Option-C :15th August, 1947.

Option-D :26th January, 1950.

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Question : The Judges of the High Court can hold office upto the age of

Option-A :62 Years

Option-B :65 Years

Option-C :70 Years

Option-D :none of these

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Question : Prohibition of Child employment

Option-A :Article 26

Option-B :Article 25

Option-C :Article 23

Option-D :Article 24

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Question : The Indian concept of 'Judicial Review' is based on the concept of:

Option-A : procedure established by law

Option-B : due process of law

Option-C : Both (A) and (B)

Option-D : None of these

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Question : State that have Legislative Council.

Option-A :West Bengal

Option-B :Tripura

Option-C :Maharastra

Option-D :Tamilnadu

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Question : The Chief Minister of a State in India is not eligible to vote in the Presidential election if

Option-A : he himself is a candidate

Option-B : he is yet to prove his majority on the floor of the Lower House of the State Legislature

Option-C : he is a caretaker Chief Minister

Option-D : he is a member of the Upper House of the State Legislature

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Question : Right to Education Act-2009.

Option-A :Free and compulsory education upto 12 years

Option-B :Free and compulsory education from 6 to 14 years

Option-C :Right to book for children

Option-D :none of these

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