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MCQ on Constitution of India and Indian Polity

Question : Which article of the Constitution of India deals with the Advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court:

Option-A : Article 74

Option-B : Article 142

Option-C : Article 143

Option-D : Article 147

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Question : Cabinet mission plan

Option-A :16 May, 1945

Option-B :16 June, 1946

Option-C :16 May, 1946

Option-D :16 June, 1945

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Question : What is the number of elected members of Lok Sabha?

Option-A :555

Option-B :560

Option-C :543

Option-D :545

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Question : From which of the countries Constitution of India has adopted Fundamental Duties ?

Option-A : USA

Option-B : Canada

Option-C : Erstwhile USSR

Option-D : UK

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Question : Provision for reservation of seats for the S/C and S/T in the Lok Sabha (House of People) has been laid down in :

Option-A : Article 330 of the constitution of India

Option-B : Article 334 of the constitution of India

Option-C : Article 361 of the constitution of India

Option-D : None of the above

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Question : Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with the Panchayats ?

Option-A : Part-IX

Option-B : Part-X

Option-C : Part-XI

Option-D : Part-XII

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Question : The Advisory Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court was adopted from the Constitution of:

Option-A : Germany

Option-B : US

Option-C : Australia

Option-D : Canada

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Question : Who among the following is not a member of Panchayat Samiti?

Option-A :(I) The Pradhans of the Panchayats of the concerned block.

Option-B :(II) The Local MLA

Option-C :(III)The Local MP

Option-D :none of these

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Question : How many Fundamental Duties are mentioned in Indian constitution?

Option-A : Five

Option-B : Seven

Option-C : Nine

Option-D : Eleven

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Question : Which ammendment of the Constitution of India reduced the voting age from 21 years to 18 years ?

Option-A : 61st Amendment

Option-B : 62nd Amendment

Option-C : 61rd Amendment

Option-D :None of the above

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