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MCQ on Constitution of India and Indian Polity

Q: Executive power of the state is bestowed on the Governor by which article of the Indian Constitution ?

Option-A: Article 156

Option-B: Article 155

Option-C: Article 154

Option-D: Article 153

Correct Option: C  [ Article 154 ]


Q: The Judges of the High Court can hold office upto the age of

Option-A: 62 Years

Option-B: 65 Years

Option-C: 70 Years

Option-D: none of these

Correct Option: A  [ 62 years ]


Q: Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with the Supreme Court ?

Option-A: Part iv

Option-B: Part v (Articles from 124-147)

Option-C: Part vi

Option-D: Part viii

Correct Option: B  [ Part v (Articles from 124-147) ]


Q: The Vice-President of India addresses his resignation letter to the:

Option-A: Speaker

Option-B: President

Option-C: Chief Justice of India

Option-D: Prime Minister

Correct Option: B  [ President ]


Q: The Article of our Constitution which empowers the Supreme Court to issue writs for the enforcement of Fundamental Rights is:

Option-A: Article 23

Option-B: Article 32

Option-C: Article 34

Option-D: Article 39

Correct Option: B  [ Article 32 ]


Q: Which Article of the Constitution of India mentioned the posts of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Council of States ?

Option-A: Article 90

Option-B: Article 89

Option-C: Article 93

Option-D: Article 94

Correct Option: B  [ Article 89 ]


Q: The constitution of India is republican because it

Option-A: provides for an elected Parliament

Option-B: provides for adult franchise

Option-C: contains a bill of rights

Option-D: has no hereditary elements

Correct Option: D  [ has no hereditary elements ]


Q: Which one of the following parts of Indian Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights ?

Option-A: Part- II

Option-B: Part IV

Option-C: Part-V

Option-D: Part- III

Correct Option: D  [ Part- III ]


Q: Government of India introduced Community Development Programme in India first time in:

Option-A: 1950

Option-B: 1952

Option-C: 1957

Option-D: 1969

Correct Option: B  [ 1952 ]


Q: In case a President dies while in office, the Vice-President can act as President for a maximum period of:

Option-A: 2 years

Option-B: 1 year

Option-C: 3 months

Option-D: 6 months

Correct Option: D  [ 6 months ]