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General Knowledge MCQ

Q: Who wrote 'Life Divine':

Option-A: Arabindo Ghosh

Option-B: Swami Vivekananda

Option-C: Sister Nivedita

Option-D: Keshab Chandra Sen

Correct Option: A  [ Arabindo Ghosh ]


Q: The 'International Translation Day' was observed across the world in every year since 1991 on :

Option-A: 30th September

Option-B: 30th August

Option-C: 26th November

Option-D: 31st August

Correct Option: A  [ 30th September ]


Q: Sri Lanka Independence Day is celebrated on :

Option-A: May, 9th

Option-B: February, 4th

Option-C: March, 17th

Option-D: June, 2nd

Correct Option: B  [ February, 4th ]


Q: Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

Option-A: Arctic

Option-B: Atlantic

Option-C: Indian

Option-D: none of these

Correct Option: A  [ Arctic ]


Q: Which of the following region is known as the Third Pole of the Earth ?

Option-A: Himalaya-Hindukush mountain range and Tibet Plateau

Option-B: Central Siberian Plateau

Option-C: Greenland

Option-D: Antarctica

Correct Option: A  [ Himalaya-Hindukush mountain range and Tibet Plateau ]


Q: Former President of India Pranab Mukherjee expired in:

Option-A: August, 2020

Option-B: September, 2020

Option-C: July, 2020

Option-D: June, 2020

Correct Option: A  [ August, 2020 ]


Q: Where is the headquarters of National Institute of Agricultural Economics and Policy Research?

Option-A: Mumbai

Option-B: New Delhi

Option-C: Indore

Option-D: Jaipur

Correct Option: B  [ New Delhi ]


Q: When is the World Aids Day observed all over the World ?

Option-A: 1st October

Option-B: 12th December

Option-C: 1st December

Option-D: 13th November

Correct Option: C  [ 1st December ]


Q: After China and India, which of the following is the most populous country ?

Option-A: Brazil

Option-B: Indonesia

Option-C: United States of America (USA)

Option-D: Pakistan

Correct Option: C  [ United States of America (USA) ]


Q: The deepest Point in the world is:

Option-A: Dead Sea

Option-B: South Pole

Option-C: Sinai Peninsula

Option-D: Mariana Trench

Correct Option: D  [ Mariana Trench ]