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General Knowledge MCQ

Question : Who among the following was the religious guru of Shivaji ?

Option-A : Tukarama

Option-B : Eknath

Option-C : Jnaneshwar

Option-D : Ram Das

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Question : Bharat Nirman Programme implemented in 2005-06 has been persuaded for the development of which field?

Option-A :Roads

Option-B :Telephone Connections

Option-C :Electrification

Option-D :All of the above

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Question : The full-fledged state of Telengana came into existence on:

Option-A : 2nd June, 2013

Option-B : 2nd June, 2014

Option-C : 2nd June, 2015

Option-D : 2nd June, 2016

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Question : Full form of CTBT is:

Option-A : Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty

Option-B : Comprehensive Test Bank Trust

Option-C : Comprehensive Test Bank Treaty

Option-D : Comprehensive Test Ban Trusty

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Question : Who is the author of the book 'Sense and Sensibility'?

Option-A : K Bikram Singh

Option-B : Jean Austin

Option-C : R K Pachauri

Option-D : None of these

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Question : Male is the capital city of:

Option-A : Maldives

Option-B : Singapore

Option-C : Malaysia

Option-D : Tanzania

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Question : __________ is a freestyle dance form where performers dance with clay pots filled with burning incense.

Option-A : Kuchipudi

Option-B : Dhunuchi Naach

Option-C : Kathakali

Option-D : Odissi

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Question : Recently, Kazakhstan renames its capital Astana as:

Option-A : Kozlov

Option-B : Massimov

Option-C : Nur-Sultan

Option-D : Ablyazov

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Question : 2nd Ayurveda Day is observed on:

Option-A : 10th October, 2017

Option-B : 15th October, 2017

Option-C : 27th October, 2017

Option-D : 17th October, 2017

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Question : Which is considered as oldest civilization of the world ?

Option-A : Mesopotamian civilization

Option-B : Egyptian civilization

Option-C : Harappan civilization

Option-D : None of the above

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