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Question : The author of the book 'Taruner Swapna' is :

Option-A : Arabinda Ghosh

Option-B : Chittaranjan Das

Option-C : Subhas Chandra Bose

Option-D : Jagadish Chandra Bose

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Question : Who is the Author of 'The Alchemist'?

Option-A :Arthur Haily

Option-B :Paulo Coelho

Option-C :Irvin Wallance

Option-D : none of these

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Question : The book 'Troubled Periphery: Crisis of India's North East' is written by

Option-A : Subir Bhawmik

Option-B : Rahul Mehta

Option-C : Gautam Bhatia

Option-D : None of them

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Question : The Headquarters of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is situated in :

Option-A : Nairobi

Option-B : Paris

Option-C : Cairo

Option-D : Tunis

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Question : When was the Madras State officially renamed as Tamil Nadu?

Option-A : 14 January, 1969

Option-B : 04 December, 1969

Option-C : 27 January, 1969

Option-D : 16 August, 1969

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Question : The author of the book Mere Christianity is:

Option-A : C. S. Lewis

Option-B : Dorothy L. Sayers

Option-C : Frank W. Braham

Option-D : George MCDonald

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Question : The deepest Point in the world is:

Option-A : Dead Sea

Option-B : South Pole

Option-C : Sinai Peninsula

Option-D : Mariana Trench

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Question : "World Water Day" is observed on:

Option-A : 4th March

Option-B : 16th March

Option-C : 22nd March

Option-D : 27th March

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Question : AFSPA means:

Option-A : Act for Fundamental Security and Protection Authority

Option-B : Act for Forest Security and Protection Authority

Option-C : Armed Force Special Power Act

Option-D : Armed Force for Specially Protected Area

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Question : Tripitakas are sacred books of:

Option-A : Buddhists

Option-B : Hindus

Option-C : Jains

Option-D : Muslims

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