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Question : Which one of the following rivers does not originate in India?

Option-A : Sutlej

Option-B : Ravi

Option-C : Chenab

Option-D : Beas

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Question : Where is the Head Quarter of North East Council (NEC) located?

Option-A :Dispur

Option-B :Aizawl

Option-C :Shillong

Option-D :Itanagar

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Question : Our Principal is ________ man of principle.

Option-A : the

Option-B : a

Option-C : an

Option-D : No article required

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Question : Her fame spread far and wide because she was a talented singer.

Option-A : Her fame grew

Option-B : Her fame lessened

Option-C : Her fame ended

Option-D : Her fame began

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Question : Which of the following branch deals with the various principles that govern the relationship between organisms and their environment?

Option-A : Histology

Option-B : Ecology

Option-C : Entomology

Option-D : Anthropology

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Question : Hepatitis affects which organ of the human body?

Option-A : Liver

Option-B : Pancreas

Option-C : Spleen

Option-D : Small intestine

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Question : Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana provides free Accident Insurance upto :

Option-A : Rs. 1 lac

Option-B : Rs. 1.5 lacs

Option-C : Rs. 2 lacs

Option-D : Rs. 2.5 lacs

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Question : Which State Legislature mentioned below is not bicameral ?

Option-A : Madhya Pradesh

Option-B : Maharastra

Option-C : Andhra Pradesh

Option-D : Uttar Pradesh

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Question : Who was the first chief Minister of the full-fledged state of Tripura.

Option-A : Sachindralal Singha

Option-B : Sukhamoy Sengupta

Option-C : Nripen Chakraborty

Option-D : Radhaka Ranjan Gupta

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Question : Who of the following refused to allow the adopted son of Lakshmi Bai to succeed to the throne after the death of her husband and subsequently annexed the State?

Option-A : Lord Dalhousie

Option-B : Lord William Bentinck

Option-C : Lord Wellesley

Option-D : Lord Canning

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