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Question : She failed to ____________ to her name.

Option-A : line up

Option-B : shine up

Option-C : keep up

Option-D : rise up

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Question : What was the old name of college tilla, Agartala?

Option-A :

Option-B :Rasman tilla.

Option-C :

Option-D :

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Question : The ruler and the minister ____________ killed.

Option-A : was

Option-B : has been

Option-C : have been

Option-D : is

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Question : The first Olympian from Tripura was

Option-A : Saraswati Dey Saha

Option-B : Lopamudra Ghosh

Option-C : Dipa Karmakar

Option-D : Somdev Devvarman

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Question : In which one of the following States is Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary located?

Option-A : Tripura

Option-B : Manipur

Option-C : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D : Mizoram

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Question : Opium is derived from which part of poppy plant ?

Option-A : Seeds

Option-B : Leaves

Option-C : Bark

Option-D : Capsule

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Question : Article related to equal pay for equal work

Option-A :Article 16

Option-B :Article 17

Option-C :Article 14

Option-D :Article 15

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Question : Krewas are found in which part of India ?

Option-A : Kashmir Himalaya

Option-B : Eastem Himalaya

Option-C : North-Eastem Himalaya

Option-D : Greater Himalaya

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Question : Which of the following States of India has the largest forest cover ?

Option-A : Maharashtra

Option-B : Chhattisgarh

Option-C : Nagaland

Option-D : Arunachal Pradesh

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Question : Who is the author of 'Drishtipat'?

Option-A :Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Option-B :Jajabar

Option-C :Rabindranath Tagore

Option-D :Michael Madhusudan Dutt

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