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Question : Which book depicts the plight of Indigo Cultivators?

Option-A : Dinabandhu

Option-B : Neel Darpan

Option-C : Neel Darshan

Option-D : Anandamath

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Question : Which of the following is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin?

Option-A : Geographical Indication

Option-B : Formal Indication

Option-C : Native Indication

Option-D : Historical Indication

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Question : He congratulates him ________ his success.

Option-A : for

Option-B : upon

Option-C : on

Option-D : with

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Question : Who invented ATM ?

Option-A : Luther George Simjian

Option-B : Jhon Shepherd Barron

Option-C : Douglas Brown

Option-D : None of these

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Question : "Indira Gandhi Canal", which is around 450 km long, provides irrigation facility mainly to which of the following states?

Option-A : Punjab

Option-B : Haryana

Option-C : Rajasthan

Option-D : Gujarat

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Question : Whose signature is found on the 1000 rupee note of India?

Option-A :Finance Secretary of India

Option-B :Finance Minister Of India

Option-C :Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Option-D :President Of India

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Question : Find appropriate Phrasal verb for " Resist "

Option-A : let down

Option-B : Hold out

Option-C :Look upto

Option-D : Hold over

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Question : He does not like to be friendly with Sarita, he always gives her a cold shoulder.

Option-A : Pushes her with his shoulder whenever they meet

Option-B : Creates all sorts of troubles for her

Option-C : Insults her in the presence of others

Option-D : Tries to be unfriendly by taking no notice of her

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Question : The teacher BERATED his students. (find synonym)

Option-A : praised

Option-B : advised

Option-C : reproached

Option-D : supervised

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Question : Someone has pasted a notice __________ the wall.

Option-A : over

Option-B : behind

Option-C : with

Option-D : on

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