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This Question Bank is consist of various old questions asked in several TPSC conducted Examinations.

Tripura Current Affairs Question Bank

Total Q & A= 53
Q. No. : 1197
Question : CM of Tripura inaugurated the IT Park (Software Technology Parks of India) at Agartala on:

Answer :24th April, 2017

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Q. No. : 158
Question : To whom did the Govt. of Tripura conferred 'Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Samman-2015'

Answer :Jagadish Chandra Bandopadhaya (Eminent educationist)

Remarks :
On the occasion of Teachers Day celebration.

Q. No. : 140
Question : Where is the modern Psychiatric hospital of Tripura located?

Answer : Narsingarh.

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Q. No. : 19
Question : When MGNREGA introduced in Tripura.

Answer :2nd February, 2006 at Dhalai District.

Remarks :
Anantapur District of Andra Pradesh in India.

Q. No. : 172
Question : Who is the First Chief Justice of High Court of Tripura?

Answer : Justice Deepak Gupta

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Q. No. : 192
Question : When Tripura university became a Central University?

Answer : 2 July, 2007

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Q. No. : 159
Question : What is the name of Engineering College run by State Govt.?

Answer : Tripura Institute of Technology (TIT) at Narsingarh, inaugurated on 17 August, 2007.

Remarks :
erstwhile Polytechnic Institute,

Q. No. : 1198
Question : Tripura Sundari Express runs between the station Agartala and ____________:

Answer :Anand Vihar

Remarks :
Tripura Sundari Express inaugurated on 31 July 2016.

Q. No. : 89
Question : What is the number of Municipal Council in Tripura?

Answer : 13 As on Oct,2015

Remarks :
Corporation-1, Council-13, Nagar panchayat-6

Q. No. : 624
Question : The first (1st) unit of the power plant at Palatana, Tripura was dedicated to the nation in the year 2013 by the :

Answer : President of India

Remarks :
2nd Unit of Palatana was inaugurated by P.M Modi on 1st December,2014.