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This Question Bank is consist of various old questions asked in several TPSC conducted Examinations.

Tripura Current Affairs Question Bank

Total Q & A= 53
Q. No. : 77
Question : On which river a bridge has been decided to be constructed to establish road connectivity between India and Bangladesh

Answer :Feni

Remarks :

Q. No. : 624
Question : The first (1st) unit of the power plant at Palatana, Tripura was dedicated to the nation in the year 2013 by the :

Answer : President of India

Remarks :
2nd Unit of Palatana was inaugurated by P.M Modi on 1st December,2014.

Q. No. : 122
Question : What is the main source of Electric Power in Tripura?

Answer : Gas Thermal

Remarks :
Gas Thermal Power Station at Palatana, Baramura, Rokhia and Gomuti Hydro-electric Project at Dumboor.

Q. No. : 568
Question : Rashtriya Poorvottar Nayta Samaroh-2017 was inaugurated on 22nd October, 2017 at

Answer : Agartala

Remarks :

Q. No. : 89
Question : What is the number of Municipal Council in Tripura?

Answer : 13 As on Oct,2015

Remarks :
Corporation-1, Council-13, Nagar panchayat-6

Q. No. : 567
Question : The first 'Rajdhani Express' train from Agartala to Ananda Bihar (New Delhi) started its first journey from Agartala on

Answer : 28 October, 2017

Remarks :

Q. No. : 26
Question : First Meter Gauge Passenger Train reached at Agartala Station?

Answer :5 Oct,2008

Remarks :
Railway started in 1953

Q. No. : 157
Question : What is the number of Women Zilla Parisad Sabhadhipati in Tripura as Oct,2015.

Answer : 4 at North Tripura, Unakoti, Gomati,Khowai Districts

Remarks :

Q. No. : 143
Question : In which year Second (2nd) Medical College of Tripura started?

Answer :2006

Remarks :
On 27 August, 2006 by Government of Tripura and Global Educational Net (GENET) in a Public-Private Partnership

Q. No. : 148
Question : What is the number of Blocks in Tripura as Oct,2015.

Answer : 58

Remarks :