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current affairs 2022



Important Days of the month

World AIDS Day : 1 December

International Day of Persons with Disabilities : 3 December

Indian Navy Day : 4 December

Armed Forces Flag Day : 7 December

Human Rights Day : 10 December

Vijay Diwas : 16 December

National Mathematics Day : 22 December

National Consumers Right Day : 24 December

MCQ on Tripura History

Question : Who is the first chief commissioner of Tripura?

Answer :Ranjit Kumar Roy

Remarks :

Question : Tagore's first visit to Tripura was in :

Answer : 1900

Remarks :
During the period of Maharaja Radhakishore Manikya (1897-1909)

Question : Tripura's representative in the Constituent Assembly of India was :

Answer : Girija Shankar Guha

Remarks :

Question : Dharmasagar at comilla was excavated during the reign of which Tripura king

Answer : Dhanya Manikya

Remarks :

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MCQ on English Grammar

Question : Interference(Find Synonym)

Answer : Obstruction

Remarks :

Question : To cope with the floods in Kashmir this year is a Herculean task for the army. (Synonym)

Answer : a very difficult task

Remarks :

Question : I am going to sell my furniture.

Answer : dispose of

Remarks :
"dispose of": to give away, to get rid of

Question : Amenable (Find Antonym)

Answer : Unwilling

Remarks :

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Important Pedagogy প্রশ্ন  উত্তর  বাংলায়  পড়ুন  T-TET পরীক্ষার  জন্য।

Question : থাস্টোন__________ প্রাথমিক মানসিক ক্ষমতা চিহ্নিতকরণ করেছেন।

Answer : সাতটি

Remarks :

Question : শিশুদের মধ্যে সু-অভ্যাস গঠন করা যেতে পারে_________মাধ্যমে।

Answer : অনুবর্তন প্রক্রিয়া প্রয়ােগের

Remarks :

Question : পিয়াঁজে ছিলেন একজন:

Answer : সুইস মনোবিদ

Remarks :

Question : বুদ্ধির ত্রি-মাত্রিক মডেল প্রকাশিত করেছেন:

Answer : গিলফোর্ড

Remarks :

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MCQ on Indian Polity and Constitution

Question : Who is the Head of the Government in India?

Answer : the Prime Minister

Remarks :

Question : What is the age limit for contesting election to the Rajya Sabha?

Answer : 30 years.

Remarks :

Question : From which of the countries Constitution of India has adopted Fundamental Duties ?

Answer : Erstwhile USSR

Remarks :

Question : which of the following is not an objective of the Directive Principles of State Policy

Answer : To establish a religious state

Remarks :

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MCQ on Indian History

Question : The name of Chitta Ranjan das is associated with :

Answer : Formation of Swarajya Party

Remarks :

Question : Who was the Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to have built the biggest network of canals in India ?

Answer : Feroz Shah Tughlaq

Remarks :

Question : How many delegates had participated in the first session of the Indian National Congress held in 1885 ?

Answer : 72

Remarks :

Question : Who was the first woman President of the Indian National Congress ?

Answer : Annie Besant

Remarks :

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MCQ on Indian Geography

Question : Which one of the following mountains is not the part of Eastern Ghats?

Answer : Elamalai hills

Remarks :

Question : The Talcher Thermal Power Station is in

Answer : Odisha

Remarks :

Question : Which State of India has the highest Buddhist population ?

Answer : Maharashtra

Remarks :

Question : What is the capital of Andhra Pradesh?

Answer : Amaravati

Remarks :