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TPSC Recruitment - 2019

The Site caters the need of competitive examinations preparation of aspirant especially those who are preparing for TPSC conducting examinations. One can go through old questions and draw inference about the same. A strong question Bank is being created subject wise for the ease of preparation. The Site allows registered members to search its strong Question bank category wise. TPSC has introduced Combined Competitive Examination of Misc. Post since 2012 providing a huge opportunity to the graduate youth. Mostly several posts are combined together and advertised. The site provides ample study material for the preparation of such examinations. Preparation related to Currents affairs of Tripura and northeast is an essential part of examinations is always matter of huge concern for the aspirant. This site will provide month wise Currents Affairs for the benefit of the aspirant.


Important Days of the month

Hiroshima Day - 6th August .

Quit India Movement Day and Nagasaki Day - 9th August .

International Youth Day - 12th August .

India's Independence Day - 15th August .

Sadbhavana Diwas - 20th August .

National Sports Day - 29th August .

Tripura History Question Bank

Q. No. : 246
Question : The cannon displyed at Kamanchowmohani, Agartala belonged to whom?

Answer : Bengal King Hussain Shah

Remarks :

Q. No. : 141
Question : Who was the husband of queen Bhanumati of Tripura?

Answer : Birchandra

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1170
Question : The king of Tripura whom Rabindranath Tagore met for the first time :

Answer :Maharaja Bir Chandra Manikya

Remarks :

Q. No. : 50
Question : Who was last Chief commissioner of Tripura?

Answer :D.K Bhattacharya

Remarks :


English Question Bank

Q. No. : 1481
Question : Where is _______ pen that I have brought yesterday?

Answer : the

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1204
Question : Select the adverb in the following sentence:

Rama accidentally deleted three hours homework with one click.

Answer :accidentally

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1314
Question : The minister had promised to look __________ the matter.

Answer : into

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1205
Question : Select the pronoun in the following sentence:

Hari's mother told him to reach home on time.

Answer :him

Remarks :


Constitution of India

Q. No. : 742
Question : The Constitution of India was adopted by the constituent Assembly on :

Answer : 26th November, 1949

Remarks :

Q. No. : 933
Question : When a Money Bill, passed by the Lok Sabha, is sent to the Rajya Sabha, the upper house must return the bill to Lok Sabha within :

Answer : 14 days

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1133
Question : The Constitution of India is :

Answer : partly rigid and party flexible

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1539
Question : Anti-defection law is given in which schedule of Indian constitution?

Answer : Tenth Schedule

Remarks :