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MCQ on Important Synonyms (word meaning)

Question : INCENSED by his rude behaviour, the manager suspended the worker. (find Synonym)

Option-A : excited

Option-B : enraged

Option-C : inflamed

Option-D : enthused

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Question : We have decided to set out for Delhi on Monday, the 25th of this month. If, ___________ we can always change the date of the trip. (Use the most appropriate word.)

Option-A :necessary

Option-B :neatly

Option-C :naturally

Option-D :needlessly

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Question : Trite (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Commonplace

Option-B : Clever

Option-C : Brief

Option-D : Impudent

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Question : Nonchalant: (Find Synonym)

Option-A : worried

Option-B : firm

Option-C : casual

Option-D : none of these

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Question : We must ABATE the smoke nuisance in our cities. (find synonym)

Option-A : Intensify

Option-B : Reduce

Option-C : Increase

Option-D : amplify

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Question : The effects of global warming, while not immediate, are catastrophic. (Synonym)

Option-A : dangerous

Option-B : disastrous

Option-C : extreme

Option-D : pathetic

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Question : Petition(Find Synonym)

Option-A : Rotation

Option-B : Administration

Option-C : Appeal

Option-D : Vocation

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Question : Idiosyncrasies (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Demands

Option-B : Needs

Option-C : Ideologies

Option-D : Eccentricities

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Question : Embezzle (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Steel

Option-B : Steel

Option-C : Honesty

Option-D : Dazzle

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Question : Barbaric (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Thorny

Option-B : Uncivilized

Option-C : Premeditated

Option-D : Barber's

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