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MCQ on Important Synonyms (word meaning)

Question : Pompous (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Pretentious

Option-B : Supportive

Option-C : Demanding

Option-D : Flashy

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Question : Which is the Synonyms of STUBBORN.

Option-A : Amenable

Option-B :Docile

Option-C :Obstinate

Option-D : None of these

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Question : Hyperbole (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Expansion

Option-B : Imitation

Option-C : Decoration

Option-D : Exaggeration

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Question : Find Synonym: Revolutionize

Option-A :Affect adversely

Option-B :change drastically

Option-C :Develop gradually

Option-D :none of these

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Question : Which is Synonyms of GREGARIOUS.

Option-A : Courageous

Option-B :Grand

Option-C :Social

Option-D :None of these

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Question : Effigy(Find Synonym)

Option-A : Dummy

Option-B : Imagery

Option-C : Reflection

Option-D : Organ

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Question : The Prime Minister goes on the ramparts of the Red Fort to hoist the National Flag. (Find Synonym)

Option-A : Rompway

Option-B : Staircase

Option-C : Parapet

Option-D : Scaffold

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Question : Abjure(Find Synonym)

Option-A : Renounce

Option-B : Announce

Option-C : Pronounce

Option-D : Denounce

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Question : Vivacious(Find Synonym)

Option-A : Imaginary

Option-B : Lively

Option-C : Perceptible

Option-D : Languid

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Question : Sporadic (find synonym)

Option-A : occasional

Option-B : epidemic

Option-C : whirling

Option-D : stagnant

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