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This General Knowledge Question Bank is consist of various old questions asked in several TPSC conducted Examination in combination of different category.

General Knowledge- Misc.

Total Q & A= 116

Q. No. : 1839
Question : The deepest Point in the world is:

Option-A : Dead Sea

Option-B : South Pole

Option-C : Sinai Peninsula

Option-D : Mariana Trench

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Q. No. : 1049
Question : Tashkent where Prime Minister of India Lalbahadur Shastri expired, now belongs to :

Option-A : Uzbekistan

Option-B : Turkmenistan

Option-C : Tazakistan

Option-D : Kyrgyzstan

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Q. No. : 3154
Question : In the context of BRICS nations, which nation does the alphabet S represent?

Option-A : South Korea

Option-B : Spain

Option-C : South Africa

Option-D : Saudi Arabia

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Q. No. : 1169
Question : Who is the first female American ambassador to India ?

Option-A :Nancy Powell

Option-B :Kristie Kenney

Option-C :Katheleen Stephens

Option-D :None of them

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Q. No. : 1753
Question : Which of the following countries are landlocked ?
i) Paraguay
ii) Bolivia
iii) Peru
iv) Venezuela

Option-A : (i), (iii) and (iv) only

Option-B : (i) and (ii) only

Option-C : (ii) and (iii) only

Option-D : (ii) and (iv) only

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Q. No. : 2632
Question : Which of the following country’s national flag has a Dragon on it?

Option-A : Nepal

Option-B : Sri Lanka

Option-C : Myanmar

Option-D : Bhutan

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Q. No. : 2128
Question : Recently, Kazakhstan renames its capital Astana as:

Option-A : Kozlov

Option-B : Massimov

Option-C : Nur-Sultan

Option-D : Ablyazov

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Q. No. : 403
Question : Where is Colossium located?

Option-A : Vatican

Option-B : Paris

Option-C : Rome

Option-D : None of these

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Q. No. : 1423
Question : Which is the smallest ocean in the world?

Option-A : Arctic

Option-B : Atlantic

Option-C : Indian

Option-D : none of these

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Q. No. : 215
Question : Which is the Most populous city of world ?

Option-A :Delhi, India

Option-B :Tokyo, Japan

Option-C :Shanghai, China

Option-D :Mexico City, Mexico

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