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This General Knowledge Question Bank is consist of various old questions asked in several TPSC conducted Examination in combination of different category.

General Knowledge- Misc.

Total Q & A= 116

Q. No. : 1373
Question : The name of USA Parliament:

Option-A : Senate

Option-B : Congress

Option-C : Federal Assembly

Option-D : National Assembly

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Q. No. : 1342
Question : The mountain range that separates Europe from Asia:

Option-A : The Andes

Option-B : The Himalayas

Option-C : The Urals

Option-D : Tollranve

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Q. No. : 3142
Question : Which of the following is not an Indian classical singer?

Option-A : M S Subbulaxmi

Option-B : Ustad Bismillah Khan

Option-C : Bhimsen Joshi

Option-D : Dr. Balamuralikrishna

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Q. No. : 1169
Question : Who is the first female American ambassador to India ?

Option-A :Nancy Powell

Option-B :Kristie Kenney

Option-C :Katheleen Stephens

Option-D :None of them

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Q. No. : 795
Question : 'Jai Jawan Jai Kishan' slogan was given to India by :

Option-A : Jawaharlal Nehru

Option-B : Lal Bahadur Shastri

Option-C : Anna Hazare

Option-D : Indira Gandhi

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Q. No. : 228
Question : How many digits are there in ISBN, the International Standard Book Number

Option-A :12 Digits

Option-B :11 Digits

Option-C :10 Digits

Option-D :13 Digits

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Q. No. : 1357
Question : The battle of Plassey was fought in:

Option-A : 1857

Option-B : 1764

Option-C : 1757

Option-D : 1800

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Q. No. : 1224
Question : The 'middle path' in religion was ascribed to:

Option-A :Sankara

Option-B :Buddha

Option-C :Mahavira

Option-D :None of these

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Q. No. : 982
Question : New York is located on the bank of river :

Option-A : Spree

Option-B : Fibe

Option-C : Hudson

Option-D : Thames

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Q. No. : 233
Question : Smallest state in the world in terms of area is

Option-A :Vatican

Option-B :Monaco

Option-C :Nauru

Option-D :Nauru

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