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MCQ on Indian Geography

Q : Indravati, Pranhita and Sabari are important tributaries of which of these rivers?

Option-A : Ganga

Option-B : Godavari

Option-C : Cauvery

Option-D : Krishna

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Q : The rainfall distribution pattern over the Ganga basin decreases from the:

Option-A : West to East and North to South

Option-B : East to West and North to South

Option-C : West to East and South to North

Option-D : East to West and South to North

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Q : The Indian sub-continent was originally part of a huge landmass called

Option-A : Jurassic landmass

Option-B : Aryavarta

Option-C : Indiana

Option-D : Gondwana continent

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Q : Periyar Wild Life Sanctuary is located in

Option-A : Andhra Pradesh

Option-B : Tamil Nadu

Option-C : Kerala

Option-D : Karnataka

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Q : Which among the following rock systems in India is also known as storehouse of minerals?

Option-A : The Cudappah system

Option-B : Archaean Rock system

Option-C : Dharwar system

Option-D : The Vindhyan System

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Q : What is the characteristic feature of Narmada Valley?

Option-A : Volcanic origin

Option-B : Structural origin

Option-C : Glacial origin

Option-D : Aeolian origin

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Q : The Nanda Devi Peak is located in ____________ .

Option-A : Sikkim

Option-B : Jammu and Kashmir

Option-C : Uttarakhand

Option-D : Assam

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Q : Where is Dhauladhar Situated?

Option-A : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B : Uttaranchal

Option-C : Jammu and Kashmir

Option-D : Himachal Pradesh

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Q : Which of the following is a non-metallic mineral?

Option-A : Bauxite

Option-B : Magnesium

Option-C : Gypsum

Option-D : Manganese

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Q : Which of the following is a part of Eastern coast?

Option-A : Coromandel coast

Option-B : Konkan coast

Option-C : Malabar coast

Option-D : Gujrat coast

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