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MCQ on Indian Geography

Q : Which is the best quality of iron ore ?

Option-A :Limonite

Option-B :Haematite

Option-C :Magnetite

Option-D :Siderite

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Q : Which of the following states is the leading producer of golden coloured Muga silk?

Option-A : Assam

Option-B : Bihar

Option-C : Karnataka

Option-D : Odisha

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Q : Gaddis are tribes of :

Option-A : Rajasthan

Option-B : Kerala

Option-C : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D : Himachal Pradesh

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Q : Which one of the following mountains is not the part of Eastern Ghats?

Option-A : Sheravoy hills

Option-B : Javadi hills

Option-C : Nallamala hills

Option-D : Elamalai hills

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Q : The vegetation of Sundarban is of :

Option-A : Monsoon type

Option-B : Tropical evergreen type

Option-C : Estuary type

Option-D : Mangrove type

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Q : The confluence point of Brahmaputra river is:

Option-A : Indian Ocean

Option-B : Bay of Bengal

Option-C : Arabian Sea

Option-D : None of these

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Q : Anthropogenic factor, responsible for soil erosion in upper catchment of the rivers, is

Option-A : Slash and burn method of agriculture

Option-B : Plantation agriculture

Option-C : Extensive method of agriculture

Option-D : Intensive method of agriculture

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Q : Which city is the city of Golden Temple ?

Option-A : Patna

Option-B : Amritsar

Option-C : Lucknow

Option-D : Bhubaneswar

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Q : The Vindhyas belongs to which class of mountains?

Option-A : Block mountain

Option-B : Fond mountains

Option-C : Volcanic mountain

Option-D : Residual mountain

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Q : When days and nights are of equal length on September 23, this position is known as:

Option-A : Equinox

Option-B : Occluded

Option-C : Veering

Option-D : None of the above

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