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MCQ on Indian Geography

Q : Which of the following state capital is the third 'Internet Gateway' of India ?

Option-A : Chennai

Option-B : Mumbai

Option-C : Kolkata

Option-D : Agartala

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Q : The two volcanic islands in the Indian territory are:

Option-A : Kavaratti and New Moor

Option-B : Bitra and Kavaratti

Option-C : Pamban and Barren

Option-D : Narcondam and Barren

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Q : What is the nomenclature for the seasonal movement of people with their animals between high land and low land areas in the Himalayan area ?

Option-A : Pastoralism

Option-B : Trans-humance

Option-C : Nomadism

Option-D : Ranching

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Q : The National Institute of Oceanography is located at

Option-A : Kandla

Option-B : Mumbai

Option-C : Cochin

Option-D : Goa

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Q : Which of the following soil is most suitable for the cultivation of cotton in India ?

Option-A : Red soil

Option-B : Laterite soil

Option-C : Alluvial soil

Option-D : Regur soil

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Q : Which region gets first monsoon in summer?

Option-A : Himalayas

Option-B : Western Ghats

Option-C : Eastern Ghats

Option-D : Gangatic Plain

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Q : An area reserve for the protection of the wildlife is called:

Option-A : Sanctuary

Option-B : National Park

Option-C : Zoological Park

Option-D : Reserved Forest

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Q : Nathu la Pass is situated in :

Option-A : Himachal Pradesh

Option-B : Uttarakhand

Option-C : Sikkim

Option-D : Arunachal Pradesh

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Q : Consider the following:
1. Trees grow under saline water.
2. Trees bear stilt roots and pneumatophores.
3. Hental, Bani and Sundari are some of the important species of this forest.
Identify the forest.

Option-A : Casuarina Forest

Option-B : Sclerophyl Forest

Option-C : Mangrove Forest

Option-D : Temperate Forest

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Q : National Water Way – 1 connects:

Option-A : Allahabad (Prayagraj) – Haldia

Option-B : Sadia – Dhubri

Option-C : Kollam – Kottapuram

Option-D : Kakinada – Puducherry

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