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MCQ on Indian Geography

Q : Madhubani folk an is the traditional art of which state?

Option-A : Mizoram

Option-B : Bihar

Option-C : Madhya Pradesh

Option-D : Orissa

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Q : Which one of the following is a narrow belt running along the foot of the Siwaliks ?

Option-A : Tarai

Option-B : Bhabar

Option-C : Bhangar

Option-D : Khadar

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Q : The Sardar Sarovar Dam of Narmada river is in which State ?

Option-A : Madhya Pradesh

Option-B : Maharashtra

Option-C : Gujarat

Option-D : Rajasthan

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Q : What do you understand by the term 'Doab' ?

Option-A : Where the delta of river begins

Option-B : Land between two tributaries of a river

Option-C : Where two or more rivers meet

Option-D : Land between two separate river systems

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Q : Gulf of Mannar is located in __________

Option-A : Arabian Sea

Option-B : Pacific Ocean

Option-C : Indian Ocean

Option-D : Atlantic Ocean

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Q : What is the time difference between 1 degree of longitudes?

Option-A : 5 minutes

Option-B : 4 minutes

Option-C : 5 minutes 20 seconds

Option-D : 4 minutes 20 seconds

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Q : Veliconda group of low hills is a structural part of:

Option-A : Nilgiri Hills

Option-B : Western Ghats

Option-C : Eastern Ghats

Option-D : Cardamom Hills

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Q : India is particularly poor in reserves of

Option-A : coal

Option-B : iron ore

Option-C : non-ferrous metals

Option-D : limestone

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Q : kodarma is famous for its production of :

Option-A :Iron ore

Option-B :Manganese

Option-C :limestone

Option-D :Mica

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Q : Which of the following are youngest folded mountains of India ?

Option-A : Aravallis

Option-B : Vindhayas

Option-C : Himalayas

Option-D : Satpuras

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