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MCQ on Indian Geography

Q : As per Koppen's classification of climate, which one of the following is the suitable description of North-East India including North Bengal?

Option-A : Tropical monsoon rainforest (Amw)

Option-B : Sub-tropical monsoon rainforest (Am)

Option-C : Tropical wet and dry climate (Monsoon Savannah)(Aw)

Option-D : Humid sub-tropical climate with dry winter (Cwg)

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Q : Khasi and Garo tribes mainly live in

Option-A : Assam

Option-B : Meghalaya

Option-C : Mizoram

Option-D : Sikkim

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Q : The Konkan Railway connects:

Option-A : Goa - Mangalore

Option-B : Roha - Mangalore

Option-C : Kanyakumari - Mangalore

Option-D : Kanyakumari - Mumbai

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Q : The north of Great Himalaya is known as:

Option-A : Siwaliks

Option-B : Pamir

Option-C : Himachal

Option-D : Trans-Himalaya

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Q : In which of the following ways can soil be conserved?
1. Contour ploughing
2. Terracing
3. Shifting cultivation
4. Crop rotation

Option-A :I, II and IV

Option-B :II, III and IV

Option-C :II and IV

Option-D :I and Ill

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Q : Which of the following is mined in the Badampahar mines of Odisha?

Option-A : Azurite

Option-B : Dolomite

Option-C : Bauxite

Option-D : Hematite

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Q : The Pakhal Lake is located in :

Option-A : Orissa

Option-B : Karnataka

Option-C : Andra Pradesh

Option-D : Telangana

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Q : A famous bird sanctuary is:

Option-A : Koladeo Ghana Sanctuary

Option-B : Gir Forest

Option-C : Sunderban

Option-D : Bandipur National park

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Q : Which is known as India's spice garden ?

Option-A : Kerala

Option-B : Uttarakhand

Option-C : Karnataka

Option-D : None of these

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Q : Which one of the following places is not located on the bank of river Ganga?

Option-A : Uttarkashi

Option-B : Kanpur

Option-C : Fatehpur

Option-D : Bhagalpur

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