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General Science MCQ

Question : dolomite is used in which field?

Option-A : Soil conditioner

Option-B : Pasteurization

Option-C : Dynamite

Option-D : Synthetic rubber

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Question : Normal human blood is:

Option-A : Acidic

Option-B : Alkaline

Option-C : Neutral

Option-D : Variable

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Question : Usually OMR sheets are used in most of the competitive examinations. The full form of OMR is :

Option-A : Optical Mark Response

Option-B : Optical and Magnetic Reader

Option-C : Optical and Magnetic Record

Option-D : Optical Mark Recognition

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Question : Compound microscope has

Option-A : two lenses

Option-B : requires UV light source

Option-C : used to view only dead organisms

Option-D : requires large room space

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Question : Which of the following diseases is not caused by virus ?

Option-A : Small pox

Option-B : AIDS

Option-C : Flue

Option-D : Malaria

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Question : Xylem helps in transportation of which of the following?

Option-A : food

Option-B : water

Option-C : nutrient

Option-D : both food and water

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Question : Blood Circulation was discovered by?

Option-A : Mary Anderson

Option-B : William Harvey

Option-C : Virginia Apgar

Option-D : Robert Feulgen

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Question : Decibel is the unit used for

Option-A : intensity of light

Option-B : intensity heat

Option-C : intensity of sound

Option-D : frequency of radio wave

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Question : Which of the following processes is responsible for transforming liquid into vapour ?

Option-A : Condensation

Option-B : Evaporation

Option-C : Transpiration

Option-D : Sublimation

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Question : Arya Bhatt was a renowned Indian

Option-A : Chemist

Option-B : Physician

Option-C : Astronomer

Option-D : None of these

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