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General Science MCQ

Question : When iron rusts, its weight __________

Option-A : decreases

Option-B : increases

Option-C : remains the same

Option-D : first increases and then decreases

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Question : Which polymer is used in making non-stick kitchen ware ?

Option-A : Nylon

Option-B : PVC

Option-C : Bakelite

Option-D : Teflon

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Question : A CD-ROM is a kind of:

Option-A : Optical disk

Option-B : Magnetic disk

Option-C : Fibre disk

Option-D : None of these

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Question : An alternating current instead of direct current is used in long-distance electric transmission because:

Option-A : it is easy to generate

Option-B : rectification is possible

Option-C : energy losses are minimum

Option-D : it causes fewer accidents

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Question : The mixture of flammable gases (carbon monoxide and hydrogen) and nonflammable gases (nitrogen and carbon dioxide) is called by what name?

Option-A : Laser Star Gas

Option-B : Breathing Gas

Option-C : Producer Gas

Option-D : Laughing Gas

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Question : Shadows are formed when a __________ object comes in the path of light.

Option-A : Opaque

Option-B : Transparent

Option-C : Luminous

Option-D : Translucent

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Question : The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would:

Option-A : remain the same

Option-B : decrease

Option-C : become zero

Option-D : increase

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Question : Sound waves having frequency less than 20 Hz are called __________ waves.

Option-A : Intelligent

Option-B : Inferior

Option-C : Infrasonic

Option-D : Instrumental

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Question : LCD stands for

Option-A : Liquid Crystal Display

Option-B : Low Current Display

Option-C : Light Circuit Display

Option-D : None of the above

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Question : Gasoline is obtained from crude petroleum by:

Option-A : Fractional distillation

Option-B : Fractional distillation

Option-C : Sublimation

Option-D : Evaporation

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