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MCQ on General Science

Question : Growth hormone is produced by :

Option-A : Bones

Option-B : Pituitary gland

Option-C : Thyroid gland

Option-D : Adrenal gland

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Question : The function of Kidney is to:

Option-A : Purify blood

Option-B : Fight against infection

Option-C : Digest the food

Option-D : None of these

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Question : The process by which energy is generated in the Sun is :

Option-A : Nuclear fusion

Option-B : Nuclear fission

Option-C : Both nuclear fusion and nuclear fission

Option-D : The burning of gases

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Question : Green leafy vegetable are rich source of :

Option-A : Citric acid

Option-B : Malic acid

Option-C : Folic acid

Option-D : none of these

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Question : All biological reaction in a living organism come under

Option-A :Anabolism

Option-B :Catabolism

Option-C :Metabolism

Option-D :Metamorphosis

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Question : Which of the following compounds is used in fire extinguishers ?

Option-A : Sodium carbonate

Option-B : Sodium bicarbonate

Option-C : Sodium nitrate

Option-D : Sodium sulphate

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Question : Acid rain is caused due to the pollution of environment by:

Option-A : Carbondioxide and Nitrogen

Option-B : Carbon monoxide and Carbondioxide

Option-C : Ozone and Methane

Option-D : Some oxide of Nitrogen and Sulpher

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Question : Electric appliances have star rating ( upto 5 stars) on them. More the number of stars :

1. longer is the life span of the appliance
2. more stringent is the quality checks
3. Higher is the energy efficiency of the appliance

Which of the above is / are correct ?

Option-A : 1 only

Option-B : 3 only

Option-C : 1 and 2 only

Option-D : 1, 2 and 3

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Question : Which of the following is not a member of vitamin B Complex ?

Option-A : Thiamine

Option-B : Riboflavin

Option-C : Folic acid

Option-D : Ascorbic acid

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Question : Which of the following micro-organism causes diseases like polio and chicken pox?

Option-A : Bacteria

Option-B : Protozoa

Option-C : Algae

Option-D : Virus

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