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MCQ on General Science

Question : Who discovered Electron?

Option-A : Enrico Fermi

Option-B : Robert Noyce

Option-C : J.J.Thomson

Option-D : James Dyson

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Question : Which wave is being used by common TV remote control ?

Option-A : Radio waves

Option-B : Micro waves

Option-C : Infrared waves

Option-D : Ultrasonic waves

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Question : Full form of "GPS" is

Option-A : Geographic Pointing System

Option-B : Global Positioning System

Option-C : Geographic Photo Sensor

Option-D : Global Polar Synchronization

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Question : Aryabhatta was a famous ________ of ancient India.

Option-A :Doctor

Option-B :Poet

Option-C :Physicist

Option-D :Mathematician

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Question : What is the temperature when density of water is the highest

Option-A :5 degree Celsius

Option-B :6 degree Celsius

Option-C :4 degree Celsius

Option-D :3 degree Celsius

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Question : Who among the following is considered as the father of artificial intelligence ?

Option-A : Charles Babbage

Option-B : Lee De Forest

Option-C : John McCarthy

Option-D : J. P. Eckert

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Question : Which of the following compounds is used in fire extinguishers ?

Option-A : Sodium carbonate

Option-B : Sodium bicarbonate

Option-C : Sodium nitrate

Option-D : Sodium sulphate

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Question : Thyroid gland is located

Option-A : near the heart

Option-B : at the base of the brain

Option-C : below the liver

Option-D : in the neck region

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Question : Who invented Dynamite?

Option-A : J B Dunlop

Option-B : Alfred Nobel

Option-C : James Simons

Option-D : Peter Hargreaves

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Question : In organic farming:

Option-A : intercropping is not used

Option-B : manures are not used

Option-C : biofertilizers are not used

Option-D : chemical fertilizers are not used

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