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MCQ on Indian Economy

Question : Inclusive growth as enunciated in the Eleventh Five Year Plan does not include one of the following:

Option-A : Reduction of Poverty

Option-B : Extension of employment opportunities

Option-C : Strengthening of capital market

Option-D : Reduction in gender inequality

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Question : The Reserve Bank of India was established in the year :

Option-A : 1930

Option-B : 1935

Option-C : 1940

Option-D : 1945

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Question : In India, National Income is computed by :

Option-A : Ministry of Fianance

Option-B : Central Statistical Organisation

Option-C : National Development Council

Option-D : Finance Commission

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Question : Plan finance creates increase of money supply if there is

Option-A : increase in taxes

Option-B : increase in loan from the Reserve Bank of India

Option-C : increase in loan from commercial Banks

Option-D : increase in loan from general public

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Question : National Food Security Act came into effect in the year:

Option-A : 2012

Option-B : 2013

Option-C : 2014

Option-D : None of the above

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Question : NABARD stands for:

Option-A : National Activated Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

Option-B : National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

Option-C : National Agricultural Backward and Rural Development

Option-D : National Bank for Accelerated Rural Development

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Question : Who wrote the book Planned Economy for India?

Option-A : Jawaharlal Nehru

Option-B : Indira Gandhi

Option-C : M. Visvesvaraya

Option-D : Mahatma Gandhi

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Question : Which activity is not included in service sector ?

Option-A : Trade, hotels and restaurants

Option-B : Real estate, finance and insurance

Option-C : Transport and communication

Option-D : Electricity, gas and water supply

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Question : Which of the following is true in respect of Centre-State financial relations ?

Option-A : Amount given by Centre is the only source of income to States

Option-B : States can by-pass Centre while taking foreign loans

Option-C : States can not levy income tax

Option-D : States can claim 100 % share in excise duty on goods produced in the State

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Question : Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was first announced by Hon'ble Prime Minister Modi on:

Option-A : 15th August, 2014

Option-B : 28th August, 2015

Option-C : 26th January, 2016

Option-D : None of the above

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