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MCQ on Indian Economy

Mixed economy means an economy where:

  • There is co-existence of public sector along with private sector
  • Both agriculture and Industry are equally promoted by the state
  • There is importance of small scale industries along with heavy industries
  • Economy is controlled by military as well as civilian rulers
  • Correct Option: A  [ There is co-existence of public sector along with private sector ]


In India the Repo rate is announced by:

  • the Ministry of Finance, Government of India
  • the Prime Minister of India
  • the Reserve Bank of India
  • the President of India
  • Correct Option: C  [ the Reserve Bank of India ]


Existence of huge black money creates

  • increase in the inequality of income
  • decrease in the quality of output
  • high living standard for all
  • Both (B) and (C)
  • Correct Option: A  [ increase in the inequality of income ]


NITI Aayog, which replaced the Planning commission of India, was formed by a cabinet resolution of the Government of Inda on:

  • 1st January, 2015
  • 26th January, 2015
  • 15th August, 2015
  • None of the above
  • Correct Option: A  [ 1st January, 2015 ]


Green revolution occurred during:

  • 1945-1955
  • 1965-1975
  • 1985-1995
  • none of these
  • Correct Option: B  [ 1965-1975 ]


Which of the following does not come under the GST in India ?

  • Agricultural products
  • Handicrafts
  • Gems and jewelries
  • Petroleum products
  • Correct Option: D  [ Petroleum products ]


'Economic Survey' is published by:

  • The Ministry of Finance
  • The Planning Commission
  • The Government of India
  • The Central Statistical Organization
  • Correct Option: A  [ The Ministry of Finance ]


Where is the headquarter of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) situated ?

  • Chennai
  • New Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Correct Option: D  [ Mumbai ]

    Remark: Established in Calcutta but shifted to Mumbai in 1937.

In the context of Indias Five Year Plans a shift in the pattern of industrialisation with lower emphasis on heavy industries and more on infrastructure begin in:

  • Fourth Plan
  • Sixth Plan
  • Eight Plan
  • Tenth Plan
  • Correct Option: B  [ Sixth Plan ]


The purpose of land reforms was to :

  • increase the production in agriculture
  • increase the purchasing power of the rural population
  • ensure distributive justice with economic growth
  • all of the above
  • Correct Option: D  [ all of the above ]