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MCQ on Indian Economy

The full form of GST is:

  • General Sales Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Government Special Tax
  • General Service Tax
  • Correct Option: B  [ Goods and Services Tax ]


In India, present trend of rapid urbanization is due to:

  • lack of employment opportunities in rural areas
  • influence of cinema and electronic media
  • break up of joint family system
  • abolition of zamindari tystem
  • Correct Option: A  [ lack of employment opportunities in rural areas ]


Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana was first announced by Hon'ble Prime Minister Modi on:

  • 15th August, 2014
  • 28th August, 2015
  • 26th January, 2016
  • None of the above
  • Correct Option: A  [ 15th August, 2014 ]


Gilt-edged market means:

  • Market of government securities
  • Bullion market
  • Market of commodities
  • Market of pure metals
  • Correct Option: A  [ Market of government securities ]


Thename of Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis is associated with:

  • First Five-Year Plan
  • Second Five-Year Plan
  • Third Five-Year Plan
  • Fourth Five-Year Plan
  • Correct Option: B  [ Second Five-Year Plan ]

    Remark: Prof. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis is also known as the father of Indian Statistics, architect of the Second Five-Year Plan (1956–61).

Who is the Chairman of the Fifteenth Finance Commission of India ?

  • Anurag Thakur
  • V. K. Singh
  • R. Jain
  • N. K. Singh
  • Correct Option: D  [ N. K. Singh ]


Scheme run under MGNREGA are sponsored :

  • by the Central Government alone
  • by the State Government alone
  • partly by the Central Government and partly by the State Government
  • by Centre, State and Panchayat bodies together
  • Correct Option: C  [ partly by the Central Government and partly by the State Government ]


When was National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) established ?

  • 6th Dec, 1947
  • 6th Dec, 1982
  • 5th Nov, 1982
  • 7th Oct, 1982
  • Correct Option: C  [ 5th Nov, 1982 ]