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MCQ on One Word Substitution

Q: One who hates mankind is called

Option-A: Man-hater

Option-B: Cannibal

Option-C: Demon

Option-D: Misanthropist

Correct Option: D  [ Misanthropist ]


Q: One who lacks knowledge:

Option-A: Ignorant

Option-B: Credulous

Option-C: Intelligent

Option-D: Poor

Correct Option: A  [ Ignorant ]


Q: Science or hobby of studying the history of coins

Option-A: Minting

Option-B: Numismatics

Option-C: Coinage

Option-D: Coinology

Correct Option: B  [ Numismatics ]


Q: A round or cylindrical container used for storing things such as food, chemicals or rolls of film

Option-A: tanker

Option-B: canister

Option-C: vessel

Option-D: casket

Correct Option: B  [ canister ]


Q: Political crime against one's own country is called:

Option-A: Treachery

Option-B: Treason

Option-C: Sedition

Option-D: Terrorism

Correct Option: B  [ Treason ]


Q: Government runs its administration through departments staffed by civil servants:

Option-A: Bureaucracy

Option-B: Democracy

Option-C: Aristocracy

Option-D: oligarchy

Correct Option: A  [ Bureaucracy ]


Q: The art of Cultivating and managing gardens is called

Option-A: Horticulture

Option-B: Gardening

Option-C: Geology

Option-D: Botany

Correct Option: A  [ Horticulture ]


Q: One who eat human flesh. (one word substitution)

Option-A: Cannibal

Option-B: Beast

Option-C: Carnivorous

Option-D: Furious

Correct Option: A  [ Cannibal ]


Q: Pertaining to cattle

Option-A: Canine

Option-B: Feline

Option-C: Bovine

Option-D: Verminous

Correct Option: C  [ Bovine ]


Q: Walk in a slow relaxed way

Option-A: trot

Option-B: canter

Option-C: plod

Option-D: saunter

Correct Option: D  [ saunter ]