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MCQ on Phrasal verbs

He _________ gardening in spite of the rain. (Phrasal verbs)

  • carried out
  • carried down
  • carried on
  • carried over
  • Correct Option: C  [ carried on ]

    Remark: "Carried on" means to continue or persist in a particular activity, tradition, or action.

After much effort he could tide over the crisis.

  • Overcome
  • Win over
  • Defeat
  • Enjoy
  • Correct Option: A  [ Overcome ]

    Remark: "tide over": to get through a period of difficulty.

You read the letter repeatedly.

  • pros and cons
  • one and all
  • time and again
  • to and fro
  • Correct Option: C  [ time and again ]


I am going to sell my furniture.

  • dispose of
  • carry out
  • carry on
  • none of the above
  • Correct Option: A  [ dispose of ]

    Remark: "dispose of": to give away, to get rid of

Instead of "tolerance" we can say:

  • bear on
  • bear in
  • bear with
  • bear at
  • Correct Option: C  [ bear with ]

    Remark: bear with: be patient or tolerant with someone.

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