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MCQ on Phrasal verbs

The girl _________ her mother.

  • takes after
  • call in
  • puts off
  • puts by
  • Correct Option: A  [ takes after ]

    Remark: "takes after": resemble, look like.

The sick man _________ last night.

  • passed away
  • passed by
  • passed down
  • passed for
  • Correct Option: A  [ passed away ]


He generally _________ at an odd hour.

  • turns over
  • turns on
  • turns up
  • turns off
  • Correct Option: C  [ turns up ]

    Remark: "turns up": to appear

He took French leave from his office.

  • leave without permission
  • leave with permission
  • casual leave
  • medical leave
  • Correct Option: A  [ leave without permission ]

    Remark: "French leave": a departure without saying goodbye, asking permission, or giving notice.

We have no alternative plan to ________ on.

  • fall back
  • fall out
  • fall for
  • fall off
  • Correct Option: A  [ fall back ]

    Remark: the phrase "to fall back on" means to have an alternative or contingency plan in case the original plan does not work out.

The detective suddenly _________ a useful clue.

  • gave in
  • came across
  • fill up
  • fell down
  • Correct Option: B  [ came across ]

    Remark: "came across": To find something by accident

The army had to YIELD to the advancing enemy. (Phrasal verbs)

  • give in
  • break upon
  • welcome
  • break to
  • Correct Option: A  [ give in ]

    Remark: "YIELD": to surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another.
    "give in" : Surrender.

On account of overwork, he is __________.

  • run down
  • runs down
  • ran out
  • run up
  • Correct Option: A  [ run down ]


We regard her as our mother.

  • bear away
  • look upon
  • to make over
  • to put by
  • Correct Option: B  [ look upon ]

    Remark: "look upon": perceive, regard as, think of.

The country's economy is beginning to look up now.

  • remain static
  • improve
  • look clear
  • go down
  • Correct Option: B  [ improve ]

    Remark: "look up": to become glad, hopeful, brighten, glow.

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