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This Question Bank is consisting of various old questions asked in several TPSC conducted Examination in combination of different category.

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Question : What is the main property of mercury for using it in a clinical thermometer?

Answer : Good conductor of heat

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Question : Which of the following fertilisers provides maximum amount of nitrogen?

Answer : Urea

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Question : What is condensation?

Answer : Change of vapour into liquid

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Question : Number of players in a Kabaddi team is:

Answer : 7

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Question : How dare you desecrate an idol of this temple.

Answer : deify

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Question : He was annoyed ________ my brother.

Answer : with

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Question : All members of the club have subscribed ________ the fund.

Answer : to

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"Subscribed to" means that someone has agreed or signed up to receive something regularly, often in the context of services, newsletters, magazines, or online content.

Question : The Judges of the High Court can hold office upto the age of

Answer : 62 years

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Question : He cannot make both ends meet.

Answer : earn enough

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Question : To cope with the floods in Kashmir this year is a Herculean task for the army. (Synonym)

Answer : a very difficult task

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