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TPSC Recruitment - 2020

The Site caters the need of competitive examinations preparation of aspirant especially those who are preparing for TPSC conducting examinations. One can go through old questions and draw inference about the same. A strong question Bank is being created subject wise for the ease of preparation. The Site allows registered members to search its strong Question bank category wise. TPSC has introduced Combined Competitive Examination of Misc. Post since 2012 providing a huge opportunity to the graduate youth. Mostly several posts are combined together and advertised. The site provides ample study material for the preparation of such examinations. Preparation related to Currents affairs of Tripura and northeast is an essential part of examinations is always matter of huge concern for the aspirant. This site will provide month wise Currents Affairs for the benefit of the aspirant.


Important Days of the month

World Environment Day - 5th June.

World Oceans Day - 8th June.

World Day Against Child Labour - 12th June.

World Blood Donor Day - 14th June.

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought - 17th June.

World Refugee Day - 20th June.

International Yoga Day - 21st June.

National Statistics Day - 29th June.

Tripura History Question Bank

Q. No. : 135
Question : What was the old name of college tilla, Agartala?

Answer :Rasman tilla.

Remarks :

Q. No. : 266
Question : Queen Kamala Devi was the wife of

Answer : Maharaja Dhanya manikya

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1119
Question : During the Great Revolt of 1857, the king of Tripura was :

Answer : Maharaja Ishan Chandra Manikya

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Q. No. : 65
Question : When Tripura Legislative Assembly started it's journey?

Answer : 1 July, 1963

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English Question Bank

Q. No. : 1318
Question : Does the old lady object _______ my smoking cigarettes?

Answer : to

Remarks :

Q. No. : 378
Question : Which is the Synonyms of DECEITFUL.

Answer : Fraudulent

Remarks :

Q. No. : 997
Question : The young man RESISTED eve-teasig in the street. (Find antonym)

Answer : Allowed

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1431
Question : The train leaves _________ 3 p.m

Answer : at

Remarks :


Important Pedagogy প্রশ্ন  উত্তর  বাংলায়  পড়ুন  T-TET পরীক্ষার  জন্য।

Q. No. : 5
Question : বুদ্ধির ত্রি-মাত্রিক মডেল প্রকাশিত করেছেন:

Answer : গিলফোর্ড

Remarks :

Q. No. : 2
Question : যে অভীক্ষা একজন মানুষের বিশেষ কার্য্য শেখার সম্ভাবনা মূল্যায়ন করে তাকে বলে :

Answer : সম্ভাবনার অভীক্ষা

Remarks :

Q. No. : 6
Question : শিশুদের মধ্যে সু-অভ্যাস গঠন করা যেতে পারে_________মাধ্যমে।

Answer : অনুবর্তন প্রক্রিয়া প্রয়ােগের

Remarks :

Q. No. : 4
Question : পিয়াঁজে ছিলেন একজন:

Answer : সুইস মনোবিদ

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Constitution of India

Q. No. : 1671
Question : Panchayati Raj is organised at the:

Answer : Village, block, and district level

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1661
Question : Look East Policy was started by the Prime Minister:

Answer : P. V. Narasimha Rao

Remarks :

Q. No. : 85
Question : Which Indian State has maximum number of seat in Rajya Sabha?

Answer : Uttar Pradesh

Remarks :
31 Seats.

Q. No. : 1731
Question : Who was the first Finance Minister of Independent India ?

Answer : R K Shanmukhan Chetty

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