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TPSC Recruitment - 2019

The Site caters the need of competitive examinations preparation of aspirant especially those who are preparing for TPSC conducting examinations. One can go through old questions and draw inference about the same. A strong question Bank is being created subject wise for the ease of preparation. The Site allows registered members to search its strong Question bank category wise. TPSC has introduced Combined Competitive Examination of Misc. Post since 2012 providing a huge opportunity to the graduate youth. Mostly several posts are combined together and advertised. The site provides ample study material for the preparation of such examinations. Preparation related to Currents affairs of Tripura and northeast is an essential part of examinations is always matter of huge concern for the aspirant. This site will provide month wise Currents Affairs for the benefit of the aspirant.


Important Days of the month

Hiroshima Day - 6th August .

Quit India Movement Day and Nagasaki Day - 9th August .

International Youth Day - 12th August .

India's Independence Day - 15th August .

Sadbhavana Diwas - 20th August .

National Sports Day - 29th August .

Tripura History Question Bank

Q. No. : 554
Question : During the Reang revolt of 1942-43, the king of Tripura was:

Answer : Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya

Remarks :

Q. No. : 173
Question : Who is the last King of Tripura?

Answer : Bir Bikram kishore Manikya

Remarks :
Died in 1947

Q. No. : 912
Question : The first Political Agents of the British Government of India in Tripura was :

Answer : A. W. B Power

Remarks :

Q. No. : 248
Question : Dharmasagar at comilla was excavated during the reign of which Tripura king

Answer : Dhanya Manikya

Remarks :


English Question Bank

Q. No. : 1004
Question : The prisoner who escaped from the prison is FREE.(Phrasal verbs)

Answer : at large

Remarks :

Q. No. : 276
Question : Her father is ____________ industrialist who emigrated year ago to the USA. (appropriate article)

Answer : an

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1470
Question : To cope with the floods in Kashmir this year is a Herculean task for the army. (Synonym)

Answer : a very difficult task

Remarks :

Q. No. : 1291
Question : The crime of the boy got tacit approval of his father. (Antonym)

Answer : open

Remarks :


Constitution of India

Q. No. : 889
Question : How many types of Emergency have been envisaged by the Indian Constitution ?

Answer : 3

Remarks :
National emergency(352), State Emergency(356) and Financial Emergency(360).

Q. No. : 30
Question : Which parliamentary standing committee is concern with expenditure of the Government?

Answer :Public Account Committee. Consist of 22 members. 15 Lok Sabha and 7 members of the Rajya Sabha.

Remarks :
Since 1967, the chairman of the committee is selected from the opposition.

Q. No. : 593
Question : The minimum qualifying age of a candidate for the post of President in India is:

Answer : 35 years

Remarks :

Q. No. : 987
Question : The Preamble to the Constitution declares India :

Answer :a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic

Remarks :