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MCQ on Arunachal Pradesh History, Geography, Polity and Culture

Q : Entry to ___________ require Inner Line Permit for outsiders of the state.

Option-A :Sikkim

Option-B :Arunachal Pradesh

Option-C :Meghalaya

Option-D :Manipur

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Q : Dafla Hills is located in __________.

Option-A : Meghalaya

Option-B : Tripura

Option-C : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D : Nagaland

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Q : Which of the following States is considered as a 'Land of Rising Sun' ?

Option-A : Mizoram

Option-B : Assam

Option-C : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D : Sikkim

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Q : Previous name of which Northeast State known as NEFA.

Option-A :Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B :Sikkim

Option-C :Mizoram

Option-D :Manipur

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Q : In the North Eastern region, population density is the lowest in which state?

Option-A :Nagaland

Option-B :Meghalaya

Option-C :Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D :Manipur

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Q : Arunachal Pradesh does not share border with which country ?

Option-A : Nepal

Option-B : Myanmar

Option-C : China

Option-D : Bhutan

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Q : Indias second Film and Television Institute was set up in which State ?

Option-A : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B : Mizoram

Option-C : Assam

Option-D : Tripura

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Q : India's largest Buddhist monastery is situated in:

Option-A : Sikkim

Option-B : Bihar

Option-C : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D : Tripura

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Q : What is the population per sq. km in Arunachal Pradesh ?

Option-A : 10 per sq. km

Option-B : 11 per sq. km

Option-C : 17 per sq. km

Option-D : 21 per sq. km

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Q : The official language of Arunachal Pradesh is:

Option-A : Assamese

Option-B : Manipuri

Option-C : Bengali (Bangla)

Option-D : English

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