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MCQ on Manipur History, Geography, Polity and Culture

Q : 'Tipaimukh Dam' is situated in the state of :

Option-A : Nagaland

Option-B : Meghalaya

Option-C : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-D : Manipur

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Q : Name of the state bird of Manipur:

Option-A : Great Hornbill

Option-B : Koel

Option-C : Nongin

Option-D : Sparrow

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Q : Who is the First 1st Chief Minister of Manipur?

Option-A : Raj Kumar Dorendra Singh

Option-B : Longjam Thambou Singh

Option-C : Mairembam Koireng Singh

Option-D : Yangmasho Shaiza

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Q : What is the name of only floating National Park in the world ?

Option-A :keibul lamjao national Park

Option-B :Kaziranga National Park

Option-C :Shiroi Hill National Park

Option-D :None of these

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Q : Shiroi Hill national park is situated in:

Option-A : Meghalaya

Option-B : Manipur

Option-C : Assam

Option-D : Sikkim

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Q : Which following pairs is correctly matched?

a) Manipur- Lai Haraoba
b) Mizoram- garia
c) Meghalaya- Cheraw
d) Arunachal Pradesh- Gazan

Option-A :Arunachal Pradesh- Gazan

Option-B :Mizoram- garia

Option-C :Meghalaya- Cheraw

Option-D :Manipur- Lai Haraoba

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Q : State Animal of Manipur is:

Option-A : Snow leopard

Option-B : Red panda

Option-C : sangai

Option-D : One-horned rhinoceros

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Q : the state flower of Manipur is

Option-A : Shirui Lily

Option-B : Rohira

Option-C : Koel

Option-D : none of these

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Q : Which tribe is the highest population in Manipur?

Option-A : Tangkhul

Option-B : Kabui

Option-C : Thadou

Option-D : Paite

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Q : State capital of Manipur

Option-A : Dispur

Option-B : Imphal

Option-C : Itanagar

Option-D : none of these

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