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MCQ on Nagaland History, Geography, Polity and Culture

Q : Where is Dimapur situated?

Option-A :Nagaland

Option-B :Assaam

Option-C :Manipur

Option-D :Meghalaya

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Q : Nagaland share its international border with :

Option-A : China

Option-B : Myanmar

Option-C : Nepal

Option-D : Bangladesh

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Q : The 'Dzukou Valley' is located in the borders of these two States

Option-A : Nagaland and Manipur

Option-B : Manipur and Mizoram

Option-C : Mizoram and Tripura

Option-D : Meghalaya and Mizoram

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Q : 'Hornbill' festival is a favourite festival of :

Option-A : Manipur

Option-B : Mizoram

Option-C : Meghalaya

Option-D : Nagaland

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Q : 'Veer Samriti' - The Second World War Cemetry is located at

Option-A : Mokakchung

Option-B : Itanagar

Option-C : Kohima

Option-D : Umrei

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Q : What is the highest point of Nagaland?

Option-A : Garo Hills

Option-B : Mount Saramati

Option-C : Blue Mountain

Option-D : Nilgiri Hills

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Q : Nagaland became full-fledged state in:

Option-A : 1st December, 1963

Option-B : 21st January, 1971

Option-C : 20th February, 1987

Option-D : 26th April, 1975

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Q : Which is Correct pair:

A) Hornbill festival- Nagaland
B) Nongkrem Dance festival- Arunachal Pradesh
C) Losar festival- Manipur
D)Kangchingba festival- Mizoram :

Option-A : Hornbill festival- Nagaland

Option-B : Nongkrem Dance festival- Arunachal Pradesh

Option-C : Losar festival- Manipur

Option-D : Kangchingba festival- Mizoram

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Q : The only airport in Nagaland is situated at :

Option-A : Kohima

Option-B : Dimapur

Option-C : Wokha

Option-D : None of these

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Q : Which is the capital city of Nagaland?

Option-A : Imphal

Option-B : Dispur

Option-C : Aizawl

Option-D : Kohima

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