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MCQ on Sikkim History, Geography, Polity and Culture

Q : Nathula Pass connects

a) Arunachal Pradesh with Tibet
b) Sikkim with Tibet
c) Manipur with Myanmar
d) Nagaland with Myanmar

Option-A : Arunachal Pradesh with Tibet

Option-B : Sikkim with Tibet

Option-C : Manipur with Myanmar

Option-D : Nagaland with Myanmar

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Q : Which N E States is not geographically bound together?

Option-A :Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B :Manipur

Option-C :Nagaland

Option-D :Sikkim

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Q : Who was Sikkim's last sovereign king?

Option-A : Phuntsog Namgyal

Option-B : Tensung Namgyal

Option-C : Tashi Namgyal

Option-D : Palden Namgyal

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Q : ________ is a group folk dance of Sikkim performed in honour of Mount khangchendzonga, the guardian deity of the Sikkimese people.

Option-A : Zo-Mal-Lok

Option-B : Tendong Lo Rum Faat

Option-C : Chu-Faat

Option-D : Kinchum-Chu-Bomsa

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Q : Rumtek Monastery is located in :

Option-A : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B : Meghalaya

Option-C : Sikkim

Option-D : None of these

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Q : Sikkim became a full-fledged state of India in:

Option-A : 1985

Option-B : 1975

Option-C : 1965

Option-D : 1957

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Q : The 100th Airport of India is situated in:

Option-A : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B : Meghalaya

Option-C : Nagaland

Option-D : Sikkim

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Q : Which state of India has been declared as the first fully organic state of the country ?

Option-A : Arunachal Pradesh

Option-B : Kerala

Option-C : Orissa

Option-D : Sikkim

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