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MCQ on Assam History, Geography, Polity and Culture

Q : The place is famous for coal mine in Assam

Option-A : Ledo

Option-B : Dhubri

Option-C : Goalpara

Option-D : Karbi

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Q : Sualkuchi in Assam famous for :

Option-A : Silk industry

Option-B : Coal

Option-C : Petroleum

Option-D : Leather industry

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Q : Hima Das who won Gold Medal in a World Meet in Finland in July, 2018 belongs to:

Option-A : Assam

Option-B : Manipur

Option-C : Meghalaya

Option-D : Nagaland

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Q : Name the N E state having highest density of population

Option-A :Tripura

Option-B :Meghalaya

Option-C : Sikkim

Option-D :Assam

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Q : Name the Chief Minister of Assam at the time of independence of the country.

Option-A : Maulavi Saddula

Option-B : Bishnuram Medhi

Option-C : Gopinath Bordolai

Option-D : Bimal Prasad Chaliha

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Q : Longest river in Assam is

Option-A : Barak

Option-B : Brahmaputra

Option-C : Disang

Option-D : None of these

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Q : On which river is the Khandong Dam built?

Option-A : Barak

Option-B : Kopili

Option-C : myntdu

Option-D : someshwari

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Q : Which state has launched as 'e-blood bank software' which will interconnect all blood bank located at different places of the state and help to maintain a centralised database ?

Option-A : Uttar Pradesh

Option-B : Maharastra

Option-C : Chennai

Option-D : Assam

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Q : Silchar Railway Station has a new name as :

Option-A : Barak Valley Railway Station

Option-B : Bhasa Sahid Railway Station

Option-C : Kumbhigram Railway Station

Option-D : None of these

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Q : Main tribe of Assam is:

Option-A : Bodo

Option-B : Rabha

Option-C : Mikir

Option-D : Tiwa

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